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How is someone “born again” and what should the Christian life look like? Watch this episode of the “You Can Overcome”show for clear and inspiring answers. Host Gwen Shamblin and co-host, Tedd Anger, interview  four men who admittedly had broken, meaningless and empty lives. After learning how to put mere Christianity into action, these men are completely born again—healed marriages, families that are close, restored finances, freedom from all vices and improved health due to God led permanent weight loss!

This episode of the “You Can Overcome” show is a must see!



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Are you hurting? Does your family need help?

There is HOPE.

There are many Bible studies and resources available to you, covering a broad spectrum of topics including  overcoming depression, marriage help, how to raise Godly children, how to lose weight God’s way, and restoring your finances. Weigh Down is one of the 35 ministries of Remnant Fellowship Church, teaching participants around the world how to find a genuine connection with God and experience a truly born again life.

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Repentance and baptism are real! There is HOPE that you can find new life too. God is moving powerfully and healing lives through the Biblically-based teachings of Weigh Down and  Remnant. For more information on Remnant Fellowship Church, read here.

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