Remnant Fellowship Youth Receive National Recognition

Brentwood High School Newscast: Class of 2016

BHS Choir Concert- Andrew Fischer & Rosie Gunger

Andrew Fischer & Rosie Gunger

In my last year of high school, God gave me the wonderful opportunity to work on the news team at Brentwood High School. This was definitely one of the most focused projects that I worked on in my high school career, and the entire team put their absolute best foot forward.  The project entailed producing a full-length Newscast that included not only news that was going on inside of school, but also outside of school. We went as far to include news that was going on around the world. My role in the process was that of the anchor. Essentially, I introduced all of the stories that our reporters put together. I also read short segments of news while footage pertaining to the story played on the screen. Rosie Gunger, another member of the Remnant Fellowship youth group, filled the role of one of our reporters. Her job throughout the entire school year was to gather news that was going on in different environments and tell the story through footage and voice-overs.

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The Competition

We entered the final product into the National Student Production Awards. This is where schools around the country can enter projects that are judged by industry professionals. The scope of how many videos are entered is challenging to predict, but I would wager that this organizations receives thousands of entries each year. This makes the nomination even more special. The winners will be announced Tuesday, October 4th.

“I know that if I had not learned from Gwen Shamblin how to be a respectful team member, I would not have been able to work well at all.”-Andrew Fischer

Andrew Fischer and Rosie Gunger of Remnant Fellowship Church participated in Brentwood High school's

Rosie Gunger, pictured 3rd from the left in the front row and Andrew Fischer, pictured far right.

The love, respect for others and ability to take direction are all characteristics that I have learned at Remnant Fellowship…and proved to be invaluable in the production process. It is such a blessing to be recognized in this way, and I am so thankful to God for the talents that He gives. I am also so grateful for the practical wisdom I have learned from my Church and the opportunity I had to put it into practice throughout the entire process of the Newscast.

Below is an article with more details, as well as a link to the Newscast itself:

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