Remnant Fellowship Youth Glorify God One Canoe at a Time

Youth Canoe Trip

Youth Canoe trip is scheduled for June 18th

Youth Canoe TripCanoeing For God

This past weekend, the Youth of Remnant Fellowship got the wonderful opportunity to go canoeing. We had over one hundred and thirty youth that came! That meant over 70 canoes spread out over about half a mile! God blessed it tremendously! No one got hurt  AND…no one lost their cell phone.




Shining Our Lights

Youth Canoe TripWe got to use the same canoe provider this year that we did when we went last year. The gentleman who runs the place was so excited that we were coming back!

“You all are the best church group that we have ever had,” he said. He continued with, “You really exemplify Christ when you come here.”

Praise God that He gave us the opportunity to show this man what we learn from Remnant Fellowship! Gwen Shamblin has so graciously and effectively taught the entire Youth Group how to live like Christ in everyday settings. In canoeing, this manifests itself in helping carry our canoes out of the water and being so gracious to the employees who help drive us to our cars. Only God could allow acts so simple to touch the hearts of people with whom we get to interact.





Youth Canoe TripOne of our youth leaders, Patrick Stites, summed up his experience by saying…

“It’s so easy to take 150+ youth and adults on a trip like this because everyone is so under authority. There’s no complaining or arguing, and everyone is willing to help in any way that they can. It’s a joy to serve and see how these young men and women shine like stars.”


Youth Canoe TripSpurring the Future Generations

The age range on this trip was one of the most astounding aspects. Children got to come that were nine and ten years old, and they got to see the unity that God provided. Seeing these kids get in and serve just like their older counterparts was beautiful. It was further assurance that this message of living like Christ is being passed down. From the opening prayer to the last canoe being taken out of the water, this trip was the most blessed yet!

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