A quick look at the Remnant Fellowship 2016 Youth Soccer Season!

Remnant Fellowship Youth Soccer

Even through the fog, on a crisp Sunday morning, the enthusiasm is unmistakable on the smiling faces of the RF youth 2016 soccer team.


Remnant “soccer moms,” Elisa Knobloch and Elle Shamblin.

As these cheerful kids are scattered across the fields behind Remnant Fellowship church, soccer balls soar and parents get settled together with coffee and cameras in hand.

This fall marks the eighth annual soccer season hosted at Remnant Fellowship church with over 85+ youth in attendance. The Leaman family has graciously volunteered their time year after year along with several more saints with athletic talents, to train up our children on how to be a team player for the glory of God! When discussing the joy that comes from coaching each year, David Leaman explained,




“I really do love coaching these kids, I see their growth spiritually and physically year after year. When the kids put our direction into practice and they succeed, it’s the best.”




Not only are these youth learning basic soccer skills and proper methods of play, each child is walking away with a deeper understanding of what it means to glorify God on and off the field. Every Sunday the youth in attendance, are taught how having the right attitude and keeping their hearts pure are such intricate parts of a strong team and moreso a relationship with God. Alec Leaman, coach and volunteer explained,


Approximately 85 children, ages 7-13, are participating in the 2016 Remnant soccer program.


“I love seeing the kids cheer each other on even when things don’t go as planned. It’s so different from the world.”


With experiences playing soccer from a young age and through highschool, Alec’s has had the opportunity to understand what it means to be a true team player.

From the youngest players to the most experienced, each player is transferring what they learned from Sabbath services to how they play soccer and walking out a heart for God and a love for each other onto the field. If you have a free Sunday be sure to stop by the fields!


-Shanna Gadke, Remnant News

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