Celebrating “All Saints Day,” a Godly perspective on Halloween

On Saturday, October 29th, Remnant Fellowship Church will gather together for a special concert to honor “All Saints Day,” a time where we reflect,¬†remember and honor “the greats”‚ÄĒthe Martyrs, who willingly and fearlessly laid down their lives for the sake of Truth out of their profound love for God. ¬†What has been an incredibly moving and inspiring concert event in years past, this once again will ¬†be an evening where no one will leave unchanged for the better.

As retailers anticipate billions in candy sales this month and many are planning their Halloween costume parties, we acknowledge that we are in a clear minority in that we will not be donning costumes and going door to door on a quest to “trick or treat.” ¬†However, it is with profound gratitude among the members of Remnant¬†that Gwen Shamblin took the time to thoroughly research the history of “All Saints Day,” and reinstitute the observance of¬†this most¬†honorable occasion…Every year, young and old alike in Remnant look very forward to this ¬†inspiring evening!


Watch the above¬†is a short clip to get a glimpse of a sermon given by Gwen Shamblin on this subject. ¬†Also, for additional information¬†on this topic, click¬†¬†the below links to previous¬†articles from on “All Saints Day”¬†published by Remnant News.

Join us October 29, 2016 for the “All Saints Day” concert!



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