Weekly Church Announcements: October 12th

Here are the weekly Remnant Fellowship Church announcements for October 12th…watch the Bulletin Board for “Weekend Updates!”  We are anticipating an incredible Feast of Harvest weekend!

  • REMNANT NEWS: “Project: Answered Prayers” Just posted under the “education” category” an article from the Remnant co-op Media Class… Read a wonderful article by Carrie Wright and 9 inspiring  videos documenting recent answered prayers in Remnant. Praise God!
  • VOLUNTEER NOW & GIFTS SURVEY: Looking for ways to get involved? Fill out the “Ministries Areas Survey” on the Remnant Fellowship website. Go to the church website, then the drop down under “Ministries” and you will see the button “Ministries Areas Survey.” Also, look for the “Volunteer Now” button on the same page and we will help you get plugged in quickly. This is not just for the Remnant “locals”…there ARE things out of town folks can do (archives, prayer warriors, evangelism, just to name a few) Finally…We will have a booth Friday for those less technologically inclined to get signed up.
    OCTOBER 22ND: Covenant Wedding of Colton Maginnis & Abby Langsdon. Check http://www.RemnantFellowshipWeddings.com for times, colors and registry info.
  • OCTOBER 29TH: We will celebrate and honor “All Saints Day.” Concert and Assembly time – 5:00pm. For more information on the history of this day, read here: All Saints Day.
  • WEEKEND SCHEDULE: An updated schedule will be posted on the RemnantNews Bulletin Board Thursday, October 13th. We will tweet Re webcasting – We will webcast the Friday Assembly, which begins at 5:30pm.

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