Weekly Church Announcements: The 2nd Week of November


There is ALWAYS so much happening in Remnant Fellowship Church! Here are the weekly announcements for the 2nd week of November!

November 10th (Friday evening): 6:30-7:30pm

Public reading of the word of God. Prepare your heart for the Sabbath with this beautiful time of reading the Bible together. You can come to the Sanctuary or join in via webcast. ALSO, we just added last Friday evening’s reading of the book of Philippians to Weigh Down All Access! If you are not a member of Weigh Down All Access but would like to join or read more info, click here.

November 12th (Saturday):

Connection Cafe dinner at the church for the college age and young professional singles! Make your reservation online at store.weighdown.com This will be a fun night of fellowship and brushing up on some of the Remnant line dances! The youth band will be playing afterwards for anyone that wants to join in the fun after dinner.

November 14th (MONDAY!):11:30am-1:00pm

Remnant LADIES, mark your calendar for a LADIES lunch at the Connection Cafe! The cafe will open at 11:30. Also, Angels Armoire will be open for shopping! Woohoo!!

November 19th:

The Covenant Wedding Ceremony of Slater Jost & Ashton Martin. The prelude music starts at 4:30pm and the ceremony begins at 5:00. For details regarding color and registry information, as well as to read Slater and Ashton’s testimonies, visit www.remnantfellowshipweddings.com

November 24th (Thanksgiving):

Please check your email for a “hospitality email” that went out to the local Nashville Remnant regarding fellowship opportunities for Thanksgiving day. If you are wanting to open your home for fellowship and/or host a meal…OR if you are looking for a fellowship gathering to be a part of, please email nashvilleevents@remnantfellowship.org

November 27th: “Zion Market”

(The Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend)


Come for fabulous Christmas shopping, lunch at the Connection Cafe, LIVE music and wonderful fellowship! If you are interested in reserving a booth and being a vendor at Zion Market, submit your request on the Weigh Down store at a store.weighdown.com, Log into your account and you will see the drop down under “Remnant Members.” Click on Festival & Event Member Registration and you’ll see the registration for Zion Market.

Praise God for all He is doing in our community!  What an incredibly blessed people we are!

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