WEEKEND UPDATE: November 17th-19th


We have a joyous Remnant Covenant Wedding to celebrate this weekend as ASHTON MARTIN and SLATER JOST will be united in marriage! Listed below is a SCHEDULE LAYOUT for this special Event…including the Wedding-specific need-to-know times and points to note for your planning purposes.

6:00pm TONIGHT, Thursday, November 17th :

DECORATING and SETUP at the Church Building for this weekend’s Ashton Martin/Slater Jost Wedding Ceremony. Much help is needed for all of this. Thank you, in advance, to anyone of all ages who can offer your assistance!

1:00pm  Friday, November 18th:

MORE DECORATING and SETUP at the Church Building. Again, much help is needed. Thank you!

7:00pm CST FRIDAY, November 18th:

ONLINE “LIVESTREAM” of the BLESSING SHOWER (WEDDING CELEBRATION) for Ashton and Slater – Check out the following LINK for more information about how to watch this Blessing/Celebration Event! – https://livestream.com/gwen-shamblin/events/6650752

8:30am on the SABBATH, November 19th:

MORE DECORATING and SETUP at the Church Building. Again, much help is needed. Thank you!
BEVERAGE NEEDS for the WEDDING – We could use 2-liter SOFT DRINK bottles of Coke, Sprite, and Sprite Zero (no Diet Coke is needed at this time). In addition, we could use ALL types of WINES: WHITE (Chardonnay, Moscato, Pinot Grigio) and RED (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir), and PINK (White Zinfandel, White Merlot). Feel free to bring what you enjoy drinking! ALSO – Please bring BOTTLES instead of any varieties of “box wines.” The bottles are much easier to serve. You may drop off any of these beverages anytime between today and the Sabbath afternoon. Thank you!

5:00pm on the Sabbath, November 19th:

LIVE WEBCAST on Remnant Fellowship Weddings

Please note: Be sure to arrive early as the prelude music begins at 4:30pm. 

WEDDING COLORS – This is a “BLACK TIE” event, with the main color theme being BLACK, WHITE, GOLD, and BRONZE ACCENTS.
CLEAN-UP – As the Wedding RECEPTION begins nearing its conclusion, let’s all please take some time to CLEAN UP around the Building and Grounds…as areas are assigned by Fellowship Group. Thank you! To read Ashton and Slater’s testimonies and for Wedding Registry information visit RemnantFellowshipWeddings.com

Praise GOD for His Covenant Wedding Ceremonies…and for all of the wonderful events and activities and fellowship opportunities that He provides for the Saints!

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