Wednesday Nights Just Got Even BETTER!

Exciting News for Wednesday Nights…

Whether you are a local member of Remnant Fellowship or live thousands of miles away, your Wednesday night just got even more amazing!

As you know from her words and the amazing example that she has set for all of us, it has always been on Gwen’s heart to fellowship together and encourage each other as often as GOD provides the opportunity. We have a beautiful Church Building and Grounds that are open very often throughout each week…on more than just Sabbaths and Wednesdays. Spending this time together helps everyone stay “in the middle of the pack!” And that effort will be taking even MORE steps forward starting right away!

The Connection Cafe

You already know that the CONNECTION CAFÉ has been open almost every Wednesday following our 6:00pm service and that there are great Fellowship opportunities right there in the Church Building…without even needing to get in your car and leave. But the good news is that our Wednesday post-Assembly plans are about to go to another level of fun! And to the YOUTH – you are going to have a blast and you won’t want to miss these opportunities! Keep reading for more details…

First of all we are going to LIVESTREAM our fellowship time so that we can all stay connected and fellowship with one another around the world! The Livestream link has been posted on the Out of Towner’s Facebook page…or you can click this link:


The Livestream will begin at approximately 7:30pm! Also, please feel free to “comment” during the Livestream as we would love to know who all is watching.

Expanded Menu…

The FOOD MENU is about to expand big time! – We will feature different THEMES each week…including Italian, Mexican, Breakfast, and much more!

We will have a COFFEE BAR with all kinds of delicious varieties and flavors.

We will have GAMES and GAME TABLES set up each week.

Share your Talents & Gifts

There will be an opportunity to share your TALENTS/GIFTS each week. In FACT, to go ahead and start planning for this segment, if you are interested in sharing your talents/gifts, you can send a BRIEF E-MAIL to as soon as you can over the next two days. In that e-mail, please list your NAME, your TALENT/GIFT, and let us know if there is an upcoming Wednesday evening that you would NOT be available for. Otherwise, we will try to schedule these performances over the next few weeks.

Help Stock the Pantry!

FOOD and BEVERAGE DONATIONS – To help us plan ahead and to remain STOCKED in our Church Pantry, we could use once-a-month DONATIONS of the following items…so that we always have plenty to share with everyone:
Wine and Soft Drinks
Chex Mix
Cheese and Crackers
Any other types of “Snack Foods” that you think everyone would enjoy!
What a fun way this is going to be to enjoy Wednesday evenings with the Saints! Not only will we get to hear Truth and Testimonies and sing praises during the 6:00pm hour…but we then will carry that momentum into an awesome time of Fellowship, Food, Games, sharing Talents, and much more…right there at the Church Building.

Thank you everyone…in advance…for your prayers, support, donations, and participation in this effort to continue to CONNECT this Remnant Body even more closely together!

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