New Color Theme for Passover Weekend!

Passover colors

The Remnant Fellowship Church eagerly anticipates  the observance and celebration of the “Passover, Passion & Resurrection of Christ,” scheduled for the weekend of April 14th-16th!  For Remnant Fellowship locals and out of towners, here are a few details for your planning purposes…

remnant-fellowship-passover-colorsColor Theme

This year we will do a “pastel” version of our blue/green theme of years past.  Here is a color palette for reference:


Worship, Fellowship Gatherings, Music & More…

This beautiful God-ordained festival always feels like one giant family reunion with the gathering of Remnant Fellowship members locally and from around the world.  The weekend will be full of beautiful worship, remembrance, fellowship and music!

More details to come…

Although the specific details of the weekend are to be determined, plan on one formal “black tie” evening.

For new members of Remnant Fellowship who will be celebrating their first “Remnant Passover, Passion & Resurrection of Christ,” watch this highlights video from our 2016 celebration:

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