Remnant Fellowship continues to grow stronger in Canada!


Gathering to Celebrate the Passover, Passion and Resurrection of Christ In Canada

Shawn & Cheri Janzen, of Calgary, Alberta, will host the Canadian Remnant Fellowship Passion of Christ and Passover this year.

This year, during the weekend of  April 14th-16th,  the home of  Shawn and Cheri Janzen will be open for a Remnant Fellowship Passover gathering in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Congregants and visitors from all over Canada will be traveling many hours to attend what will be a time of fellowship and celebration. During this time, those traveling will stay with the families who live in Calgary, imitating the hospitality they have each experienced in Nashville, as well as celebrate by dressing in the same color theme and keeping to the same basic schedule . To the rest of the world, traveling to celebrate one of God’s holy festivals might appear as a burden or sacrifice, but the feelings are opposite in the Remnant Fellowship Church– people are beyond honored to travel and stay in each others homes! The excitement of getting to be together is thrilling. Approximately 30 people will gather for what is sure to be a beautiful and life changing weekend. In all honesty, we live for weekends like this!

Growing Stronger in Canada

Remnant Fellowship was recognized by the Canadian government as a religious organization back in  2013, by some of the original members of our northern branch. Recently Canadian Remnant Fellowship member, Laura McLean interviewed active members Nick and Jessica Enns for this article. She says, “Facetiming Nick and Jessica Enns across Canada not only served as means for my interview, but as a night of joyful fellowship. The fourteen-hour drive between us disappeared and we were one in Spirit as if we were together! As a fellow member of the Canadian area of Remnant Fellowhship Church these times are refreshing! Affectionately, we who live outside of the main church in Brentwood TN, refer to each other as “Out of Towners”

Remnant Fellowship Church founder Gwen Shamblin, has taught us that the way to stay connected is by putting God first in all things and looking to the needs of others. She taught us that Zion is in our heart, not a physical location.  The Enns reiterated this, “You take every opportunity to fellowship and serve. There are always serving opportunities, and chances to fellowship.” But is it possible to serve God’s church and stay connected even across thousands of miles, and countries, when we are home and not visiting Nashville? The Enns and all of Remnant Canada would echo a resounding, “Yes!”

“There is so much to be involved in, even from afar,” says Jessica, “there isn’t time to think about yourself and be lonely.”

Not only do the Enns stay connected to fellow members in Nashville and Canada, but they maintain strong relationships with Out-of-Towners  across the world! When asked how they stay connected across distance, the Enns’ listed off technologies quicker than they could be written down. As Out-of-Towners, we have been provided with abundant resources and ways to stay connected – Gwen and Remnant Leadership have laid down their time and energy to ensure these opportunities are available to us, for which we are in awe and want to make sure are being utilized to their full potential. From texting, Livestream, whatsapp and Facetime chats, to Friday night Ecclesia (Out-of-Towner Facebook page) chats, Love Book Readings on the Ecclesia Facebook page,  public Bible readings, staying involved in group WeighDown classes and traveling by car to see one another – and also writing to prisoners.  “We only have one free night of the week!” the Enns laughed. If you would like to connect with this exciting group of believers please contact the Weigh Down office at 1-800-844-5208



Canadian Remnant Fellowship Members

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