Remnant Fellowship Youth named “Athlete of the Week”

Remnant Fellowship youth member Sterling Evans
Remnant Fellowship youth member Sterling Evans

Sterling Evans at Remnant Fellowship Church testifying about his relationship with God.

“What I’ve learned at Remnant Fellowship Church and put into practice has made all the difference in my life.”

– Sterling Evans, 17 years old.

Sterling Evans of Remnant Fellowship Church playing soccer for Centennial High School

Sterling Evans currently leads the Varsity Soccer team at Centennial High School in tackles and distance covered per game.

Meet 17 year old Sterling Evans, a member of Remnant Fellowship Church since 2013, who this week was recognized as “Athlete of the Week” by Centennial High School in Franklin, Tennessee.  While complimenting Sterling’s athletic ability and dedication to the sport, CHS soccer coach, Robbie Stewart also added, “Most importantly, Sterling is a positive role model for his teammates both on and off the field as part of the CHS community.” 

Remnant Fellowship News interviewed Sterling to find out the specifics of his recent honor and how his relationship with God has affected every area of his life.

RFNews: Tell us about your recent honor of being chosen as “Athlete of the Week” at Centennial High School.

SE: I was actually on the Junior Varsity soccer team at first, which was a big test for me since I was really hoping to make the Varsity team…I prayed, God do you really want me to play soccer? But I decided to just put into practice what I’ve learned from the teachings at Remnant Fellowship to be content wherever God puts you.  I made the decision to show full respect to my coaches and just aim to please them.  One month later I got promoted to the Varsity team and then I got chosen for this honor.  I know it’s all because I put God’s ways first.

Sterling Evans, Gwen Shamblin and Remnant Fellowship youth

Sterling Evans, pictured far right with Remnant Fellowship founder and leader, Gwen Shamblin (center) along with Remnant Fellowship youth.

RFNews: So, your relationship with God has been really impacted from Remnant Fellowship…How would your high school experience be different if not for this Church?

SE: I was very prideful before and very concerned about praise of man…what others thought of me.  That just doesn’t matter to me anymore.  Now I’m  looking for God’s approval in everything and how I can encourage others.  My focus is very different now!

RFNews: You’ve also recently been inducted into the National Honor Society. How has your relationship with God helped you with school?

SE: My relationship with God has helped my academics incredibly…From listening to my teachers and following their instructions, to having the humility to ask for help when needed—and just getting to pray to God for understanding and wisdom.

RFNews:  Has your relationship with your parents improved at all because of what you have learned here and put into practice?

SE: I always had a good relationship but now it has made it even better as a whole. I feel like I’ve earned their trust even more.

RFNews: How are kids at Remnant Fellowship Church different?

SE: The contrast of kids is night and day, which makes me so grateful for what I hear and have at church.  While there are so many empty kids out there, the Remnant Fellowship youth have purpose because of what we are taught and the friendships are real. remnant fellowship youth

RFNews: What would you say to kids that are looking for answers and purpose?

SE: Being at this church has pointed me to all the answers with how to have a relationship with God.   I feel so blessed!  We went to many churches prior to Remnant but Gwen Shamblin’s teaching and the whole community…I’ve never seen anything or experienced anything like this before!  My advice would be to dive in and go 100% and truly try it — this message of wholehearted Christianity and then see the fruit that comes from this place!

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