Remnant Fellowship Graduates: Finding Unprecedented Success by Putting God First

Gwen Shamblin and Remnant Fellowship College Graduates

Gwen Shamblin pictured with College Graduates

Congratulations Remnant Fellowship High School and College graduates 2017!

Bar of Excellence 

Not only does Remnant Fellowship Church have a large group of high school and college graduates, but these graduates are continually raising the bar of excellence that is being achieved. These students defy the current statistics that plague today’s students, including massive student debt, stress and anxiety, low grades, and continually dropping graduation rates. In the Remnant Fellowship, the educational statistics are reversed, with incredibly above average academic achievement, little student debt due to scholarships, and early graduation – all while spending more time with family and serving at church.

In an unforgettable commencement sermon this past Sabbath, Gwen Shamblin charged the graduates to use their gifts and academic achievements not for their own glory and selfish gain, but rather for the betterment of others and for the glory of God.

“True, joy-filled Christians get up every day for a lifetime not to justify or exalt their own existence, but rather, using their gifts to justify God’s existence and His goodness.”

– Gwen Shamblin

 College Sophomore at Age 15 

Last Wednesday evening on the You Can Overcome show, Gwen Shamblin interviewed the mothers of three of Remnant Fellowship’s high school graduates, the youngest being only 15 years old! At the age of 15, Philip Smith is graduating high school as an honors student with 30 college credit hours, making him a college sophomore in the fall. Philip gives all glory to God for this achievement, and was able to find God’s lead through his parents’ direction, saying,

“I have been highly blessed, academically and more importantly, spiritually, for following the lead of my parents.”

– Philip Smith, age 15, High School graduate

Wednesday night YCO show – Gwen Shamblin interviews parents of High School graduates

When asked what other factors have led to his academic success, Philip points to the friends he has made at Remnant Fellowship Church, saying, “I’ve been so blessed by getting to have so many godly friends surrounding me who I know can point me in the right direction.”

Philip Smith, 3rd from right, pictured with friends at Remnant Fellowship Church

Employed Before Graduating 

Like the High School graduates, Remnant Fellowship Church college graduates are finding the same academic success. College graduate, Sarah Gunger, is graduating from MTSU with a bachelor of Science degree in Mechatronics. Sarah graduated on the Dean’s list and received several scholarships throughout her degree, accepting a job offer before she was even finished with her final semester! But for Sarah, college was never about academics first, but rather, focusing on a relationship with God. Sarah comments,

“What I learned at Remnant Fellowship Church gave my college experience so much purpose!”

– Sarah Gunger

“Without this church, I would have been hopelessly trying to juggle friendships, experiences, family, academia (and more!) – but walking with God through each class made the material interesting and manageable, while finding total peace inside where God wanted me each hour.”

Sarah Gunger with fellow Remnant Fellowship college graduate, Allyson Ancona

Sarah Gunger with fellow Remnant Fellowship college graduate, Allyson Ancona

How to Find Success

Across the board, students at Remnant Fellowship have excelled by putting God first above all things, and following the direction of their parents. From an early age, Gwen encourages parents to find the God-given gifts of their children and be job-focused when choosing academic endeavors. This purposeful education has led to students who waste less time and oftentimes, here at Remnant Fellowship Church, are employed before graduating from college. For a time with such potential to cause stress and chaos amongst students, these students are grounded in peace and quiet confidence, focusing on keeping God first in their hearts and knowing that everything else will follow!

Remnant Fellowship 2017 High School Graduates


Remnant Fellowship 2017 College and Professional Graduates

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