Remnant Fellowship Homeschool Cooperative: 2016-2017 Year-End Review

200+ children participate in co-op choir

With summer right around the corner, we have reached the year-end for the Remnant Fellowship Homeschool Cooperative – and what a blessed, beautiful school year it has been!

Gwen Shamblin, founder of Remnant Fellowship Homeschool Cooperative, pictured with granddaughter, Gloria

Under the vision and direction of Gwen Shamblin, the Homeschool Co-op operates as a twice-weekly (Tuesday/Thursday) program, inviting the homeschooled children of church members to learn and experience a variety of subjects academically and spiritually, while developing their unique gifts and skill sets.

Ask any child in this program and they will joyfully report that attending Co-op is a highlight of their week! With about 200 children and 30 volunteers and/or parents in attendance, you can’t turn a corner without being greeted by a smiling face.

“Getting to watch Gwen Shamblin’s love for the children and all the time and thought she pours into meeting their needs and caring about each child is so encouraging and inspiring!”

– Jill Snapp, Co-op assistant

Remnant Fellowship Co-op students attending science class

Monica Weaver, a Remnant Fellowship Co-op teacher, says “This has got to be one of the most beautiful, loving places on earth! The kids are all so respectful to the teachers—and I love watching how the older students help the younger ones, which makes for a very productive and peaceful teaching experience.”

“It is so amazing to see these children grow in their gifts, friendships, and relationship with God!”

-Monica Weaver, Remnant Fellowship Co-op teacher

Co-op students playing together

These Co-op students are all friends, across all age ranges, inside and outside of the classroom. Heather Higgins, mother of three and volunteer at Remnant Fellowship Homeschool Co-op, says

“The friendships among the children go beyond the classroom…they all have so much fun here and genuinely love being together!”

-Heather Higgins, Co-op volunteer and mother of 3 students

The course work offered at Co-op ranges from English, Science, Reading and ACT prep to Bible, Ballet, Business, Calligraphy, Sewing, Sports, Life Skills, Public Speaking, STEM and Media – just to name a few!  These classes allow students the opportunity to grow academically and spiritually, find their gifts, and learn real-life, applicable skills. Check out the gallery of photos below to see these incredible, FUN classes in action!

One such course that all students are involved in is choir class! Have a look at the YouTube clip below of Remnant Fellowship Co-op students singing Michael Shamblin’s, “Year of the Lord” song. Miley Barcus, Remnant Fellowship Children’s Choir director, says “You would think that a choir of 200 kids, ranging in age from 6-18, would equal total chaos…but it is exactly the opposite!

 “These students are all so polite and a total joy to direct, which I know is a result from what they have learned at Remnant Fellowship Church.”

Miley Barcus, Remnant Fellowship Children’s Choir director

We praise God for this beautiful learning opportunity made possible under the vision of Gwen Shamblin, direction of Jennifer Martin, and are so grateful for all of the incredible teachers and volunteers involved!



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