UPDATED Pentecost Weekend 2017 Schedule!

With our 2017 PENTECOST Sabbath Assembly  just two days away, there are many fellowship opportunities over the next few days! Listed below are the details of this weekend’s events – starting tonight, Thursday, May 25th! 

TONIGHT – Thursday, May 25th – 6:30pm

The DON and DONNA FISCHER family will be opening their home to anyone who is in Nashville from OUT of TOWN…along with their Nashville host families!

FRIDAY DAYTIME, May 26th – 11:30am

 The WEIGH DOWN Building will be open!  LUNCH will be served at the CONNECTION CAFÉ, and you also can SHOP at ANGELS ARMOIRE.


6:00pm – BAPTISMS at ASHLAWN – SHUTTLE SERVICE from the CHURCH BUILDING – For those being baptized (along with their families), SHUTTLE SERVICE will begin at 5:30pm from the Church Parking Lot.

6:00pm – FELLOWSHIP at the CHURCH BUILDING – For everyone else…those NOT involved in Baptisms…the Church Building and Grounds will be OPEN for FELLOWSHIP!  Feel free to bring your own family’s FOOD/BEVERAGES/PICNIC DINNER.  The children can play around the Grounds as we enjoy each other’s company!

SABBATH MORNING, May 27th – 8:30am

 The TIM and RACHAEL PURDY family will be opening their home for coffee and doughnuts to anyone who is in Nashville from OUT of TOWN…along with their Nashville host families!



The ASSEMBLY officially starts at 5:00pm, but please arrive EARLY to hear a beautiful variety of Remnant music!

ATTIRE – Please remember that this is a time when we wear LIGHTER colors…i.e. white, ecru, khaki, etc.  Praise GOD for this opportunity to celebrate our pure and wholehearted dedication and devotion to GOD!

BRING PALM BRANCHES – Please bring PALM BRANCHES…just like the ones we used for PASSOVER…to use as a “wave offering” to the Lord during our times of Worship Music.  Thank you!

FOOD and BEVERAGES – Following our Assembly Dismissal, we will have a POTLUCK DINNER in the Fellowship Hall and on the Church Grounds.  Please bring your favorite…BEST of your BEST…main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and beverages (wine and soft drinks) to SHARE with everyone…and please use DISPOSABLE dishes and utensils if at all possible.  Thank you!

CLEAN-UP – As the Dinner winds down, please take some time to help CLEAN UP around the Building and Grounds…as  we always do after our Fellowship Gatherings.  Thank you!

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