From Kentucky to Tennessee, one families journey to a life free from sin!

Weigh Down on Tour is just over a month away, it will be sure to keep the momentum of change moving as we visit the beautiful state of Kentucky! We are already half way through 2017 and God is doing incredible things and lives are being dramatically changed!

The Hayden family, who are natives to the bluegrass state, have had amazing life changes after putting into practice the principles of Weigh Down! We cannot wait for everyone to meet their shining lights on July 22nd at The Seelbach Hilton Hotel – Louisville, KY for the next Weigh Down On Tour event!

I had the opportunity to hear from Deah, about her testimony of how God changed her life through Weigh Down. Deah explained, “Mark and I had been married for 5 years and already going down a destructive path and talking about leaving each other. Makenzie was 5. We were miserable, greedy, selfish, over drinkers, I smoked for about 18 years, love of self, keep up with the Jones’s, kind of life. I cried out to God one day for help and within 2 weeks later, while I was work at the hospital and in the cafeteria line, there was a very excited woman talking about the WD Workshop and losing weight. I asked her about it, she gave me the 1-800 number and I wrote it down on a napkin and called it immediately and started classes that fall of 1998 in my home”

“Our family has been delivered from the pride & worship of family and church.”

Deah took a Weigh Down class and lost 25 lbs! She has kept her weight off for over 15 years and also laid down smoking. To hear more about the changes in Deah’s life be sure to watch The You Can Overcome Show where Gwen Shamblin interviewed Deah Hayden about her life changes!

Mark and  Deah grew up 6 miles from each other. Mark in Fancy Farm, and Deah in Bardwell, KY. When Deah’s father retired the family moved to Fancy Farm, Deah was 20 years old. This small town family lived just 3 1/2 hours away from Louisville, KY.

A Family Changed Forever!

When considering the fruit and that has come from taking their first Weigh Down class, Deah explained, “We have better/healed family relationships. True Love in our hearts and not superficial love. Makenzie and Anthony getting married in this Truth and now expecting their first child and our first grand baby! The chance to move to TN. and be around like-minded believers and hear truth!!”

The Hayden family has a combined weigh loss of 60 pounds along with being freed from many strongholds!

“Our family has been delivered from the pride & worship of family and church. Mark and myself both lost 25 pounds. Makenzie lost 10 pounds. Mark delivered from over indulgence in alcohol, praise of man, anger, lust, love of self and hobbies. I have been delivered from anti-authority, Greed and a slavery to 1/2 a pack of cigarettes a day. Abram and Kendal have been free from ani-authority and self.”

Please do not miss this opportunity to hear truth spoken live and to meet so many people whose lives have been so greatly impacted by this beautiful truth!  For more information on the Weigh Down on Tour Kentucky event and to register, go to

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