Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp: The Next Generation!

Gwen Shamblin teaching the children about God at the weekly Tuesday webcast.

Remnant Fellowship Church Summer Day Camp has been an exciting tradition since 2001, and now, 16 years later, it is with great anticipation that many original campers and counselors are looking forward to bringing their own children to experience day camp! This year, over 300 children and youth will attend the Remnant Fellowship Church Summer Day Camp ranging in age from 6-18, as well as “tag-a-long” campers, a term coined many years ago to reference a child or toddler that is under the minimum day camper age but may attend with parental supervision.


Gwen Shamblin pictured with four of her seven grandchildren

Gwen Shamblin, founder of Remnant Fellowship Church, was motivated by her love for children and the next generation to start and oversee Summer Day Camp. Being a loving mother to her children, Michael and Elizabeth, and now grandmother to their children (seven grandchildren in total), Gwen has put much prayer, time and thought into the direction of day camp, including designing the camp workbooks and t-shirts each year, leading weekly camp “devos” webcasted out across the world, and teaching the children how to find a personal relationship with God. Gwen is deeply beloved by all the children and youth at Remnant Fellowship and always has her mind and heart on the next generation.
Remnant Fellowship Day Camp

Gwen’s teachings help the children find God and His creativity and genius in every situation from sports, to art, to music – it is all about God! 

 Jaclyn Henry, Chloe Polivka and Margaret Polivka are three women who experienced day camp first as campers, then junior counselors and then counselors. Although their roles changed over the years, all three echo that they learned something new every year, grew deeper in love with God every year and changed for the better every year! Now as young mothers, they are so excited to see their own children attend day camp as “tag-a-longs”, and grow more in love with God together!

Jaclyn, pictured far right, as a day camp counselor

Jaclyn Henry has been involved in Remnant Summer family and day camp since its beginning in 2001, when she was only 10 years old!
 Now, Jaclyn has 2 young daughters of her own, and is so excited to see them attend Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp as tag-a-longs. She says,

Jaclyn with husband, Wes, and daughters, Juliet and Annelise

“I have so much peace and hope for the future and next generation knowing that my children will make life-long friendships with other children that are based on loving God FIRST and building a relationship with Him above all else. This is going to be the BEST summer ever!” 

Chloe Polivka, now a mother to three young daughters, says

Chloe, on right, pictured with friend, Brooke Lomas in 2004

“My girls are SO looking forward to camp! I LOVE getting to watch them play, with forever friends, and learn how to find a relationship with God together!”

Chloe pictured with husband, Austin, and daughters Olive, Ani, and Violet in 2017




And it is not only the children who are encouraged from summer day camp! Chloe says,  “It’s an encouraging, strengthening and fun time all summer long for parents and kids alike.”

“It is priceless as a tag-a-long parent to get to watch your children fall more in love with God and build life-long friendships from such a young age!”  

Now sisters-in-law with Chloe, Margaret Polivka also attended summer day camp since its beginning. It was the event of the summer and something she looked forward to every year! She says,

Margaret Polivka pictured with her sister Abby McGinnis and dear friend McKenzie Ruberto, all loved Remnant Summer Day Camp as children.

“Spending the days with my “tribe” of best friends were some of the sweetest times in my life. We became more unified by the day as we learned about a deep relationship with God, answered prayers and blessings for obedience!” 

Margaret pictured with husband, Shane, and sons, Cooper and Camden

Now a mother of two boys, Margaret can’t wait to see her own children attend summer day camp. She says,

“I still get to put into practice lessons that I learned at Remnant Fellowship Day Camp. It’s an experience that will always be one of my favorite memories, and I can’t wait to watch my children learn how to get a relationship with God with friends that they will have forever!”

With Camp Kickoff just a few days away – we can’t wait to see the fun and love for God that this summer will bring!


Remnant Fellowship leader, Tedd Anger, praying with the campers during a Tuesday webcast.

The children enjoy hours of outside time playing and building friendships.

Tuesday webcast led by the youth band and junior counselors.

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