Weigh Down on Tour 2017: Louisville, KY!

Gwen Shamblin pictured with Jennifer Martin and Naomi Howell

Taking on Louisville

On July 21st and 22nd, Gwen Shamblin and the WeighDown staff traveled to the Seelbach hotel in Louisville, KY, for a weekend full of WeighDown teachings, testimonies, music, resources and much fun fellowshipping together! People journeyed from all over the world to hear Gwen Shamblin speak and to meet the WeighDown staff and WeighDown participants who have put the principles of WeighDown into practice and lost all of their weight permanently.

Gwen Shamblin meeting the winner of the Facebook free hotel room giveaway!

On the Radio

Prior to the event, Gwen Shamblin gave an encouraging radio interview answering popular questions regarding why America is increasingly obese and where the solution to permanent weight loss lies. She then covered how and why WeighDown is the only program known to have lasting and permanent results – having lost her own weight and kept it off for over 35 years. The interview, on “The Body Talk,” a regionally known health and wellness show hosted by Gary Clark, is now available on  Gwen Shamblin Podcasts!

Upwards of 600 people attended the WeighDown on Tour event in Louisville, KY

Standing Room Only

Upwards of 600 people attended the event, from those brand-new to WeighDown teachings as well as those returning back to WeighDown after many years. Gwen Shamblin gave a beautifully informative talk on Saturday morning, covering the science of WeighDown and how God made the body. This talk will be available for a limited time on All Access – coming soon! After a short break for lunch, Gwen Shamblin gave another powerful lesson – encouraging everyone that now is the time to get their hearts right for God, and that we can all overcome!

Gwen Shamblin teaching the Saturday afternoon session


Testifying to permanent weight loss and changed lives from putting WeighDown teachings into practice

Success Stories Bring Hope

The weekend was backed up with beautiful testimonies from men and women of all ages who have lost all of their weight and kept it off by putting the principles of WeighDown into practice. Many of the WeighDown regional representatives were able to attend the event and get connected with those in their local area, and all of the WeighDown resources were available at the event – along with a draw to receive the highly anticipated “God Fearing Families” book, written by Gwen Shamblin, that will be released within the next few weeks!

Gwen Shamblin pictured with five of her seven grandchildren

Praise God for the opportunity to travel and share WeighDown teachings all over the world! To see more pictures from the event, visit the WeighDown Ministries Facebook page!

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