Remnant Fellowship Day Camp 2017: An Unforgettable Summer!


Best Summer Ever!

Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp 2017 wrapped up last weekend, and all of the campers and counselors would agree that this was the best summer yet! This summer was packed full – growing more in love with God and learning how to love and serve others.

This year’s theme and focus was “Royal Priesthood,” and included lessons on etiquette, compassion, the Characteristics of Christ, kindness, how to be a good sport, and learning about spiritual gifts. Much time, thought, and prayer was put into the camp workbook and lessons, written by Gwen Shamblin. Each day, campers and counsellors had the opportunity to dig into these workbooks – which included excerpts out of Gwen Shamblin’s new book (released August 1!) History of the One True God: God Fearing Families, available for PDF download here.

Although it would be impossible to cover all of the activities included in this year’s summer camp, some activities included swimming, slip-n-slide, dancing, games, and music. Daily camp-wide devotionals, and weekly webcasted devotionals with Gwen Shamblin were daily highlights for the campers. Extra-special events included a luncheon for the counsellors put on by the young men of the Manasseh tribe (10 year-old boys), and a tea party with finger foods, scripture recitation and harp and violin playing. Each activity was all about God and becoming more Christ-like in all actions and words.

Meet Lia…

Lia Brooks is an 11-year-old camper that was on the tribe of Ephraim this year. Through learning about spiritual gifts, Lia has written some beautiful reflections on this year’s summer day camp:

Lia Brooks member of Remnant Fellowship Church

11 year old, Lia Brooks

“Day Camp has impacted my life so much this summer! I got to be in the lovely tribe of Ephraim. Our tribe verse is Philippians 4:4-8 and we learned how to have the characteristics of Christ shining through us everyday! One example in the workbook was about “How to be a Good Sport.” Ms. Gwen Shamblin taught us how to not be angry or mad if you lose a game, but rather making it positive and funny! We learned that we should always pray before starting a game.

If I wrote everything I have learned and love from the camp workbook, I would have hundreds of pages!

I have been convicted to go further and to be 100% under God’s authority, to have all the fruits of the Spirit in me, to have a willing servant heart to others, and to be “the salt” in all situations that makes everything better! I don’t have a phone or social media, but I applied last week’s sermon about how we use social media to spending God’s time wisely and thinking about the motives behind my actions. I can ask myself, “Is it for self or for God?” I want everyone to be able to replace my name for the word “love” in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

My favorite bible verse ever is Colossians 3:12-14. It talks about clothing yourself with good things, forgiving one another, and love.

My friends at day camp are the best and are so sweet! The junior counselors are so loving and they have such servant hearts to help us with anything we need! I pray for the needs of everyone and all those that are hurting in the world.

I have had the BEST summer ever learning about God and how to have a personal relationship with Him through what I’m being taught here at Remnant Fellowship Church!”

I’m so honored to be able to write for Remnant News! -Lia Brooks

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