Join us for the Remnant Fellowship 2017 “Days of Awe”

Days Of Awe - A 40-Day Spiritual Journey to Purity and a closer Relationship with God

Twilight, August 21st

The world saw something very unique during the daytime on August 21st – an eclipse.  As amazing as it was to see something that GOD had so clearly created…to help us see how loving and powerful He is to create this beautiful universe that we live in during our time on this Earth…the EVENING of August 21st at twilight marked the beginning of something even MORE meaningful for the Remnant – that is, the Remnant Fellowship’s observance of the 2017 “Days of Awe,” a 40-day period of introspection, penitence and deeper resolve to follow God wholeheartedly in every area of our lives.  This beautiful time ends on the Day of Atonement, September 30th and then sets the stage for a joy-filled “Feast of Tabernacles,” which will be celebrated October 5th through the 8th!  For a more in-depth explanation of The Days of Awe, read here.

If the Days of Awe are new to you, watch this short video to see highlights from a previous observances. You will see how incredible, convicting, beloved, and introspective this season is to Remnant members…WATCH HERE.



Days Of Awe2011


As Saints spend more time in introspection and prayer, there are so many wonderful resources available.  A suggested video viewing on  is an episode called “God’s Voice.”  Also, be sure to listen to the three-part audio series on WeighDown All Access called “Days of Awe: A Window of Time.”  In addition, this is a wonderful time to pair this time of PERSONAL introspection with regular FAMILY readings of Gwen’s brand new book, “History of the One True God, Volume III: God-Fearing Families.”  The combination of these resources will make for one of the most powerful and convicting 40-day stretches of time that you’ve ever experienced!

Yes, we all look so forward to this time of year—many members even cite this as their favorite time of year…as the process of introspection and “looking in the mirror” into our own hearts is a huge key that leads to personal responsibility and CHANGE…and the change ultimately results in being more Christ-like in everything, a purifying of the heart that brings us closer to God.


Join us!

Everyone is invited to join us locally or via webcast for our Wednesday and Sabbath worship Assemblies as we journey closer to the heart of the Father during these incredible Days of Awe!


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