Being a Light in Public School

Its “Back to School” Season! Time to prepare for a whole new set of situations that will teach us how to rely on and love God more. That is a wonderful opportunity given to us by God, but it also is a huge source of challenging situations – especially if one of your strongholds has been wanting the praise of MAN over praise from God. So much of what we at the Remnant Fellowship Church stand for and live our lives for contradicts what the typical American youth values most. We are far more concerned with honoring God with every aspect of our lives over popularity.  Since this can be a challenge for adults in the workplace and at home, imagine how much more so is it for YOUNG people trying to stay pure and be a LIGHT in their school settings.

Recently the “You Can Overcome Show,” hosted by Gwen Shamblin, highlighted two of our esteemed members of Remnant Fellowship Church who are educators in the public school system; Nick Enns and Grace Radebaugh. These totally transformed people are SHINING like lights in their situations because of what they have been taught here and have put into practice in their own lives. They check in with their school principals in the Williamson County School District . They truly and selflessly look out for the needs of their students over their own comforts. They are kind and are NOT easily frustrated. Because of these Godly characteristics, their bosses, fellow teachers, and students – ALL of them – LOVE what Nick and Grace represent and how they carry themselves.

Grace Radebaugh, pictured with husband Chris, is a Spanish teacher at Brentwood High School.

Nick Enns, pictured with his wife Jessica and two children, works in the Williamson County school system.

The Message that Gwen Shamblin has taught for more than 30 years has been one of looking for GOD’S praise more than anything or anyone else in the created world. When that is the focus, then we have access to the GOD who created everything we see and do not see. We have access to answered prayers. We can, with pure lives and selflessly motivated prayers, move mountains as Jesus declared during His Ministry on earth.  Can our children rise above and shine like LIGHTS at school, work, sleepovers, in athletics, extracurricular activities and more? Absolutely. Gwen and these two Saints will encourage you and let you know that you too can have a family that OVERCOMES the world.

Watch this episode of the “You Can Overcome” show  to be encouraged and inspired to shine your light in school:

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