September 13th: Remnant Fellowship Church Announcement and LIVESTREAM link


Heidi Welch and Lexi Mendl will host the Livestream shout outs to our 150 locations around the world!



Saturday, September 16, 2017
The Covenant Wedding Ceremony of Angela Ruberto and Owen Leaman.
Ashlawn Estate
The prelude music will begin at 4:30pm CST.
Attire is Cocktail/long dresses for women & suits or black tie for men.
Reception to Follow Wedding Colors: Ecru, Black, White and touches of gold.

Please note: This takes the place of  our regular local Assembly
A select viewing will be available for Our of Towners. We may Livestream some of the event. Watch tweets for updates!



Decoratating for the Wedding:
If you are on the Wedding Team for set up, the decorating times are Friday at 1:00pm and Saturday at 8:30am.  Thank you to the amazing team of volunteers that make the Remnant Fellowship Weddings so beautiful!

Another Remnant Engagement

This weekend the families of David and Jennifer Martin along with Don and Donna Fischer rejoiced together at the engagement of their children Avery Martin and Andrew Fischer! We all rejoice along with them!!!

Sunday, September 17th:

The prison ministry is hosting a regional gathering in Macon, Georgia at the Best Western Riverside Inn from 9:00am-2:30pm. They would love for anyone to join them!



Melba Lamproglou of Sydney, Australia and her husband James are expecting their second child..along with big brother Jacob.



The Church rejoices over another beautiful and healthy baby born to our congregation!
Kerry and Lauren Ladd, along with big brother Jonah, welcomed Jenesis Adira Ladd, born September 11, 2017, weighing 8 lbs, 11 ounces.


Jenesis Adira Ladd, born to Remnant Fellowship Church members, Kerry and Lauren Ladd



NEW Financial class by Gwen Shamblin!  “Greed Exposure” is a brand-new series by Gwen Shamblin and WeighDown that will revolutionize your finances thru a series of 9 video lessons with matching audios, PLUS 9 additional audios and an in-depth workbook. Just like what WeighDown Basics did for your weight, Greed Exposure will show you how to let go of financial worries, focus OFF of money and ON to God’s Kingdom. As a result, you will find that you have a balanced budget and a solid financial foundation for the future. God can take care of you no matter what the financial situation is in the world around you, but it takes learning how to let go of the worries of the world and grab hold of the Commands of God. This series will show you how. You will get clear instruction and practical help on how to make these changes. ​


Hot dogs, Grilled sausage sliders, potato salad, chips and chicken tenders. The coffee bar is also open!

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