Remnant Fellowship 2018 Calendar-Important Dates at a Glance!

Mark your calendars! Here is a list of important dates for 2018:

February 17th

5:00pm Valentine’s Dinner & Dance

ALL CHURCH EVENT! Everyone is invited. Following our 5:00 p.m. worship Assembly we will enjoy a Valentine’s Dinner and Dance. This will take the place of our morning Assembly. Click here for more info.

March 3rd

Purim Observance.

The Covenant Wedding Ceremony of Hannah Petralito and Anthony Wheeler.

4:30pm Prelude Music begins, 5:00pm Ceremony.

Colors: Black, White, Green

More info here.

March 24th

9:00am Palm Sabbath Assembly

March 30th-April 1st

The Passover, Passion and Resurrection of Christ Celebration.

March 30th – Evening Weekend Kick-off Concert & New Member Recognition

March 31st – 4:30pm Formal Assembly and webcast

April 1st – TBD

Colors: Pastel Pink and Apple Green.

April 14th

The Covenant Wedding Ceremony of Avery Martin and Andrew Fischer.

5:30pm Prelude Music begins, 6:00pm Ceremony.

Colors: Black, White, Pink

More info here.

April 28th

9:00am Graduation Assembly

May 19th

4:00pm Pentecost

June 9th

Double Wedding! The Covenant Wedding of Sarah Gunger and Parker Jost and also Rebecca Gunger and Jeremy Kaunisto.

5:30pm Prelude Music begins, 6:00pm Ceremony.

June 23rd

5:00pm Day Camp Kickoff!

July 7th

The Covenant Wedding of Brittany Baril and Damian Cohen.

July 28th

The Covenant Wedding of Rebekah Fischer and John Quinn

July 26th

Last day of Summer Camp

August 12th

Days of Awe begin.

September 8th

9:00am Day of Trumpets Worship Assembly (wear darker attire to reflect introspection & repentance)

September 15th

3:30-7:30pm Day of Atonement Worship Assembly (wear white or light colors to reflect purity)

September 21st-23rd

Feast of Harvest Celebration

November 17th

5:00pm Dedication Worship Assembly

December 15th

Festival of Lights


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