March 14th: Church Announcements and LIVESTREAM link

Tonight's Livestream shout outs will be hosted by Mason and Hannah Holbrook.

Watch tonight’s Livestream shout outs here! 


Tonight’s Livestream shout outs will be hosted by Mason and Hannah Holbrook.

This Sabbath, March 17th: A group of Weigh Down participants and Remnant Fellowship members are gathering in Durham, NC to webcast our morning worship service. Anyone in that region is welcome to attend, as well as any locals who would like to travel to Durham! For details and more info, contact Melissa Boerman or Melissa Glasco.

Passover & Resurrection Celebration:
Out of town members, please register! You can simply go to and you will see the registration.  An updated schedule of the weekend’s events will be emailed to everyone soon.

Relocated to Nashville:
Laura Snyder and her son Isaac relocated here from West Virginia
The Cormier family relocated here from California! Terrance and Nickie and their children Jordan, Joseph and Justin.

Tonight’s Cafe Menu:

Youth: The Youth Group, ages 13+, are welcome to fellowship and have dinner downstairs! Free Chex mix and drinks for the youth group – ages 13+

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