WEEKEND SCHEDULE: Remnant Fellowship “Passover, Passion and Resurrection of Christ Celebration 2018


We praise God for the Remnant Fellowship Celebration of the Passover, Passion and Resurrection of Christ! What a beautiful and glorious time of year!

Schedule Overview

Here is the UPDATED schedule for Wednesday, March 28th – Sunday, April 1st.  Please watch your e-mails and tweets for any changes.  Click here to Follow Remnant Fellowship on Twitter


  • WEDNESDAY, March 28th – 6:00pm – Church Assembly.  The Cafe & Resource Room (Church Building) will be open.


  • THURSDAY, March 29th
    • 11:30am – WEIGH DOWN BUILDING – The Connection Cafe, Resource Room, and Angels Armoire will be open!
    • 6:00pm – ASHLAWN – Gwen is hosting our New and Out of Town Members (Adults) Gathering at her home.
    • 6:00pm – CHURCH BUILDING – Fellowship and a Youth Gathering.


  • FEATURED COLORSPASTEL PINK and APPLE GREEN (the same shade of green that we have always used at Passover each year).  NOTE, however, that you always can wear/use BLACK and WHITE…and ribbons/accessories/etc. using the pastel pink and apple green colors.  And, of course, everyone in the Remnant is willing to share clothes with each other as needed!  ALSO, for the FRIDAY evening CONCERT and NEW MEMBER RECOGNITION event, HOT PINK may be an additional color used for attire and accessories.


  • FRIDAY, March 30th – By TWILIGHT – The “Feast of Unleavened Bread” begins.  This begins our time of “clearing out the yeast” from our homes…and eating unleavened bread until twilight on Friday the following week.


  • Palm BranchFRIDAY, March 30th – All activities at the CHURCH BUILDING.
    • 11:30am – Registration and Fellowship.  The Cafe (at the Church Building) will be open for lunch.
    • 4:00pm – The Sanctuary doors will open.
    • 5:30pm – Testimonies will begin.
    • 6:00pm – Evening Assembly and Concert.  Please bring your PALM BRANCHES to wave!
      • ATTIRE for the EVENING – For the LADIES, “Dressy to Semi-Formal” – including “Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, or even to the Floor.”  For the MEN, Suits are fine.  EVERYONE – Please save your MOST FORMAL attire for the SABBATH evening.
      • FOOD and BEVERAGES – Please bring APPETIZERS and DESSERTS…as well as WINE and SOFT DRINKSto share with everyone!


  • SABBATH, March 31st
    • FELLOWSHIP GROUPS will be meeting around Brentwood.  Leaders will contact you directly about times and locations.
    • 3:00pm – The Sanctuary doors will open.
    • 4:30pm – Testimonies will begin.
    • 5:00pm – FORMAL Assembly.  Please bring your PALM BRANCHES to wave!
      • ATTIRE for the EVENING – The BEST of your BEST!
      • A DANCE PARTY and RECEPTION will follow the Assembly dismissal.  Food and Beverage details will follow in a future e-mail.
  • SUNDAY, April 1st – All activities at the CHURCH BUILDING.  Please bring your PALM BRANCHES to wave!
    • 9:30am – The Sanctuary doors will open.
    • 10:00am – Morning Assembly – Attire is “Church Dress.”
    • UPDATE – AFTER the Assembly – LUNCH will be provided for everyone at the CHURCH BUILDING.
    • 6:00pm – Outdoor Concert and Testimonies – Attire is “Casual.”

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