Remnant Fellowship Homeschool Cooperative 2017-2018 Highlights

With summer right around the corner, the Remnant Fellowship Homeschool Cooperative is excited to wrap up another incredibly blessed school year. The fun never stops with this youth group! Remnant Fellowship Cooperative is unique in its standing on the academic stage as it offers a wide variety of classes that allows students from every background with a wide range of gifts to participate. Around 250 students attend Co-op every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, and all would agree that not only are they encouraged in their academic gifts and pursuits, but they are primarily taught the importance of seeking a relationship with God first and foremost.


Remnant Fellowship Cooperative Students enjoy pursuing their academic interests while learning about God. 

This objective has resulted in a beautiful focus and clarity that very few students in the United States are able to claim. Remnant Fellowship Co-op is kept running by 30 teachers and assistants, as well as 30 regular parental and non-parental volunteers, and all would unanimously agree that this year has been the most joyful yet!

“This is my first year coming to Co-op, and it is always the highlight of my week! We learn way more than just academic work, but we also learn about God and the Bible! I’ve had the best year yet at Co-op and I have fallen even more in love with God!”-Anna Wolgemuth, Remnant Fellowship Co-op Student

Remnant Fellowship Academic Opportunities…and lots of FUN!

Students at Remnant Fellowship Co-op have a large selection of topics and classes to choose from, including English, Science, Reading, ACT prep, Bible, Ballet, Business, Calligraphy, Sewing, Sports, Life Skills, Public Speaking, STEM and Finance. These classes combined allow students to expand in their knowledge academically and spiritually, while finding their gifts, and learning skills that they will be able to apply throughout their lives. The students that attend Remnant Fellowship Homeschool Cooperative are so grateful to be able to learn more about God and how to serve His church, as well as their teachers and fellow classmates.


Patrick Stites, Financial Advisor at Wadell and Reed, teaches young students how to manage personal finances.

 “Every parent that I’ve spoken to about the personal finance class said, ‘I wish I had leaned about that when I was in high school!’ These young men and women are soaking up these lessons about how to handle God’s blessing in the right way and without greed. They are attentive and respectful during class and want to learn things that most teenagers have no interest in learning.” -Patrick Stites, Personal Finance teacher and leader at Remnant Fellowship.


Remnant Fellowship Co-op results are Unprecedented…

Because of the focus on God first and doing everything with excellence unto Him, these young men and women’s educational careers are being blessed beyond measure. The students of Remnant Fellowship Co-op have found the value of trusting God and learning to be dependent on their relationship with Him in every area, including the academic field. When the youth at Remnant Fellowship complete their high school years, the majority of students graduate at least a year early and are entering universities and trade schools with academic scholarships. In addition, the teachers at Remnant Fellowship Co-op unanimously agree that every student is so appreciative and respectful of their teachers.


Students participating in S.T.E.M. class.


“As a Co-op teacher, I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful, eager to learn, respectful group of kids that are so happy with the guidelines and instructions given to them. They are always looking for what they can do for me and what they can do better! It’s unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere!”-Julie Dragt, RF Academy Parent and S.T.E.M. Teacher


Gwen Shamblin’s Love for the Next Generation…

Gwen Shamblin with her granddaughter, Gloria Hannah.

Under the guidance and direction of Gwen Shamblin, this homeschool cooperative has been created for children to pursue their academic interests while learning how to live a meaningful life devoted to God. The love and attention given to these children by the adults over them is immeasurable, and every child’s physical and spiritual needs are met. The children are taught how to go to God for everything, which has resulted in abundant blessings.

“Co-op has helped me find my gifts and strengthened my relationship with God!! Our classes always start with a prayer, and EVERY child is very attentive to the teachers! I praise God for this amazing Co-op!”-Grace Hannah, Gwen Shamblin’s granddaughter and participant at Remnant Fellowship Co-op.

We praise God for a group of children who are being blessed for putting Him first!



To learn more about the children and youth at Remnant Fellowship, check out these interviews produced by Gwen Shamblin and Weigh Down Ministries that discuss how to succeed in the academic world and how to be under authority.  




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