May 16th: Church Announcements and LIVESTREAM Link

Watch Tonight’s Livestream Shout Outs HERE!!!


Aidan Martin and Timothy Fischer will be hosting our Wednesday Night Shout outs. Click the link to watch!


​Public Service Announcement & Safety Reminder:

Due to the construction on Franklin Road, please only turn RIGHT when exiting the church property. This is for everyone’s safety!

Pentecost Weekend: 

We anticipate a glorious weekend of celebration and worship as we observe the Lord’s Pentecost! For more information, this weekend’s entire schedule is posted on Remnant Fellowship News!​

Please note a few details:

  • Weather: We will watch and follow God’s decisions with the weather. If it rains Friday evening, baptisms will be moved to Saturday morning. Please keep an eye out for tweets and WhatsApp updates!
  • ​Attire: As a symbol of having pure hearts before God, we traditionally have worn lighter colors such as white, khaki, ecru. This is not a formal event so typically, attire choices are khaki suits for men or khaki pants and white shirts. Ladies often wear white sundresses.
  • NOTE: THIS Friday the Weigh Down building will be open for a sweet time of lunch and fellowship at the Connection Cafe! Also, Angel’s Armoire will be open and having their first Summer Sale!

Remnant Fellowship News:

Be sure to read article by Heidi Welch on Remnant Fellowship News featuring highlights from 2017-2018 Remnant Fellowship Homeschool Co-op school year.

Tonight’s Cafe Menu:

Lasagna, Salad, Bread

Pasta Alfredo, Salad, Bread

Mac and Cheese for the kids

and FREE Chex Mix!

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