June 27th: Church Announcements and LIVESTREAM Link!

Click HERE to watch Livestream Shout Outs!

Tune in to watch our Wednesday Night Shout Outs hosted by Justin and Lily Fischer!

JULY 4TH: Music Fest!

We are excited to announce Music Fest 2018! Come enjoy an evening of music and fellowship at the Church on July 4th as we celebrate many gifts of song and dance!


JULY 7TH: Covenant Wedding of Brittany Baril and Damian Cohen

Join us on July 7th for the Covenant Wedding Ceremony of our dear Brittany Baril and Damian Cohen! Everyone is invited! Prelude music will begin at 5:30pm CST. Check out RemnantFellowshipWeddings.com for the couple’s testimonies and more details.


JULY 21ST: Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis is now less than a month away! Come hear Gwen Shamblin speak at this one day intensive weight loss seminar. If you haven’t invited your mom, your co-worker, or your librarian yet, now is the time! Don’t forget to book your room (if you are coming in from out of town) and register at WeighDown.com! See you there!

BABY ON THE WAY: Emily and Andrew Langsdon

Congratulations Emily and Andrew Langsdon, who are expecting their second child! We are so excited for you!


Tonight’s Cafe Menu:

Beef & Chicken street tacos served with refried beans, pico and sour cream

Queso and chips

Joaquin’s amazing salsa

Beef quest and tortilla chips

FREE chex mix and soda for youth!!

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