Meet the Remnant Fellowship Men’s Soccer Team

The Saints- Remnant Fellowship Men’s Soccer Team

This soccer season, a new type of team has entered the field. The Remnant Fellowship Men’s Soccer team well-know as The Saints has come together with only one goal in mind: to glorify God while having a good time! These men, of all ages and backgrounds, come together every week to participate in fun and fellowship in the form of playing soccer. If you asked them collectively, they would all agree that the stress and the pressure of winning or “being the best” has been eliminated as they are all united by a single focus; to bring a smile to God’s face!

“I am very glad that I get to be a part of this team of Godly men. It is always uplifting when we all get together, and even though we are playing our hardest, the focus is still on being a good example for those around us. Every game starts with a prayer and a reminder of what is more important than winning: living so that every facet of our life points back up to God.”- Pauly Sims, Member of the Saints.

Fans gather on Thursday nights to cheer on their team!

The team was started by David Leaman, longtime member and leader at Remnant Fellowship, in 2017 and the team of currently 13 players has been growing and improving ever since. Mostly members of Remnant Fellowship Church, the guys have formed strong friendships through this soccer team over the last couple years and show no intention of slowing down. Fans flock to the field on Thursday nights for a chance to cheer on their favorite team. It is the perfect opportunity to fellowship while showing support!

Dr. Thomas Hommonay DDS enjoys shedding his dental wear and throwing on some cleats with the rest of the RF Men’s Soccer team.

Former Belmont University soccer star and longtime member of Remnant Fellowship Church, Tomi Hommonay has found his way back onto the field after many years of playing during his education. Tomi enjoyed playing for the Brentwood High School soccer team, and even scored the winning goal in the state championship during his senior year. Tomi continued to play while attending Belmont University on their prestigious men’s soccer team. Locals may now recognize Dr. Thomas Hommonay DDS as he has recently opened his own dental practice in Maryland Farms.

Another fun fact to note is that the team consists of several family combos. After years of enjoying soccer as a kid, Pauly Sims and his father, Paul, now enjoy taking on the soccer field together. Playing alongside them are Pauly’s cousins, Gabe and Luke Hamilton as well as their uncle Coach David Leaman and his sons, Alec and Owen.

However, what they truly enjoy most as a family goes far beyond the experience of scoring a goal. As they have learned at Remnant Fellowship Church, their faith and love for God goes with them everywhere, including onto the field. They see this as an opportunity to grow their relationships with God, as well as their friendships with one another. These men, whether soccer rookies or seasoned players, recognize that this team’s main focus is glorifying God and playing in such a way that pleases Him. The results of playing with God in mind of course only ends with peace and companionship, whether the team experiences triumphant wins or losses.

Alec Leaman gets into position to score.

“We love getting out and playing together! Our number one job is not to win or try to impress others, but to make God look good with our actions while out on the field.” -Alec Leaman, David’s Son.

We are grateful for a group of men who are doing what they love, using their gifts, and glorifying God at the same time!  To learn more about the Men’s Soccer teams and for a game schedule, check out the Williamson County Parks and Rec page!

Go team!!

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