January 30th: Church Announcements and LIVESTREAM Link!

Click this link to watch our live weekly Shout Outs!

Tonight’s shout outs will be hosted by Keimora Woods and Madison Van Donsel.


FEBRUARY 2nd, Sabbath Morning:

We will have our regularly-scheduled Assembly and Webcast at 9:00am CST.

FEBRUARY 2nd, Sabbath Evening: 

Don’t forget about our annual Dinner with Country Line Dance theme! This dinner is reservation only and will begin at 6:00pm CST! Please bring your own adult beverages for the evening, soft drinks will be provided. Our YOUTH can join in on the DANCE PARTY beginning at 7:30pm!

FEBRUARY 3rd, Sunday Afternoon AND Evening:

Beginning at 4:30 we will host FELLOWSHIP and a GAME NIGHT in the FELLOWSHIP HALL!
ARRIVAL time can be as early as 4:30pm, the SUPER BOWL will begin at 5:30pm! Please bring your favorite card games, board games, activity games, etc. as tables and chairs will be set up throughout the Fellowship Hall. For snacks, bring salty and/or Sweet appetizers/snacks to share with everyone (preferably using disposable containers/bags/utensils if needed). Feel free to also bring soft drinks and wine to share with everyone.


FEBRUARY 6th, Wednesday Evening: 

We will have our Assembly and the “You Can Overcome” show starting at 6:00pm CST. Whether or not there is a meeting afterwards, will be determined and announced soon!

FEBRUARY 9th, Sabbath Evening: 

Our “ST. VALENTINE-THEMED” ASSEMBLY and WEBCAST will begin at 5:00pm CST, and will replace our 9am assembly time. ATTIRE for the evening is “Cocktail to Formal”. Following our Assembly dismissal, we will have a FELLOWSHIP MEAL together in the Fellowship Hall. The FOOD and BEVERAGE details for the evening will be e-mailed in the next few days.

JUNE 29th:

DESERT OASIS! SAVE THE DATE! Registration will be available soon but save the date and make your travel plans to be in Brentwood, TN for this highly anticipated seminar!


Noel O’Grady – Ireland!
Carmen Baskin – Detroit, MI
Karen Rios and her daughter Olivia- Richmond, VA


Warren Robert Langsdon was born to Emily and Andrew Langsdon. Warren is the grandson of longtime Remnant members Jodi Spoon and Joseph and Maria Langsdon.



Kristin Stuck and Kevin Matvichuk of Remnant Fellowship Michigan are engaged!

Tristan Quinn and Evan Snapp are engaged! Tristan is the daughter of longtime Remnant Fellowship members Tom and Jennifer Quinn. Evan is the son of longtime members Matt and Jill Snapp.



-Loaded Baked Potato soup, served with salad and a roll
-Option of Steak Kabobs for $2 extra
-Kids Option: Chicken Nuggets and Chips

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