June 12th: Church News and Announcements

Tonight’s shout outs will be hosted by Laura MacLean and Lily Fischer! Our shout outs will happen immediately following our assembly on our church webcast. Don’t forget to tune in!


We have a fun NEW BLOG on RemnantFellowshipNews.com called “Social News.” There is so much good news happening in our church that the local community and people around the world will love to see! Everyone is invited to participate in this new blog. You can post pics from your dinner gatherings, family outings, favorirte day camp pics…even post the progress of your home garden, if you have one!  It will take you only a few minutes to create an account and then start posting away!

JUNE 22nd:

Get ready to put on your dancing shoes! The Covenant Wedding of Monica Van Donsel and Rylie Jost will take place next weekend and everyone is invited! This is an all-church wedding and will take the place of our morning assembly. 

JUNE 29th:

We are just two weeks away from Desert Oasis 2019! You will not want to miss this incredible one-day seminar!   For anyone planning on coming who has not yet registered…please do so! Also, if you are not able to attend in person, we are offering a pay-per-view option! To register or purchase a pay-per-view ticket, please go to:  http://store.weighdown.com/.

Best selling author, the Weigh Down Diet, Gwen Shamblin Lara, will deliver the keynote address at Desert Oasis 2019.

DESERT OASIS MERCH: Get the new Weigh Down t-shirt before you come to Desert Oasis! On sale tonight in the Fellowship Hall!


Welcome to our newest members, Bobby Clary from Brentwood, TN and Ryan Satcher from Nashville, TN!


Welcome to Nashville! Eric and Carmen and Luke Tedder have relocated here from Arkansas, Monica Van Donsel has relocated here from New York, and Logan and Danielle Johnson has relocated here from Florida! We love you all!


Emily Maginnis and Jacob Rash got engaged! Congratulations!!


Alec and Mariah Leaman are expecting their second baby! Congrats to them and big sister, Margot!


For dinner tonight we have the option of Joe’s nachos with or without Mexican rice, street corn, and pico! Heath bar brownies are for dessert! Yum!

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