Meet The Weigh Down Staff- Jill Snapp

Weigh Down thrives off of the energy of it’s staff, many of which are volunteering some or all of their work time. This staff is made up of over 250 members, all who are testimonies of permanent weight loss and permanent changes in their lives. One that is being honored this month for her volunteer services is Jill Snapp. Jill has lost 170 pounds and kept it off for 6 years. She has had the opportunity to be in several media outlets as a testimony to this program, including appearing live on The TODAY show in a section called “The Joy Fit Club“. Check the video out at the bottom of the page to see this interview. Jill’s has been an incredible help to the entire staff of the Weigh Down office,

Jill And Matt Snapp- Remnant Members

volunteering on a near daily basis. Her gifts for organizing and compiling spreadsheets have been invaluable to the office. She has spent time researching opportunities for translations, technical equipment as well as health/weight loss opportunities for Weigh Down. She’s currently helping update all product descriptions on the website store, which was a major need. She’s also compiled marketing stats for mass mails, created many spreadsheets to help organize data, and much more. Her enthusiasic volunteering, and gratitude toward Weigh Down have brought another pure light into the Weigh Down office and it is infectious to everyone that comes into contact with her. She is truly a Saint among the Saints and we are happy to have her and all the gifts that God has given her!! Thank you, Jill!! Click HERE to read her testimony!


  1. Zionnana says:

    This is a beautiful testimony of a sweet family that totally give their all to bring the message of Jesus Christ and his total obedience to God to the world.

  2. Melstar says:

    I feel blessed to know Jill and I so appreciate her time and wisdom whenever I’ve needed guidance! Her devotion to God and others is always an inspiration for me to Focus Up….thank you Jill for all you do!

  3. Gayle Mahnke says:

    Jill shines God’s love so sweetly, and everyone who spends even a few minutes talking with her feels how wonderful His love is and just goes after a closer relationship with Him. 

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