Remnant Fellowship Testimony of the Week: Hannah Collins

Weigh Down Before & After Hannah Collins

Weigh Down Before & After Hannah Collins Diets & Exercise Programs Led to More Self-Focus for Hannah

Growing up an active teenager in Georgia and later Tennessee, Hannah Collins enjoyed playing sports with her two brothers. It was during those teen years that she became focused on her body.  This only led Hannah to dieting and harsh exercise.

Hannah Collins Before Weigh Down

She explains, “You would think that eating vegetables, fruits, no fried foods, no desserts in addition to running 3-5 miles every day that I became rail thin, but no, that was not was the case. I was fat and miserable by being controlled by all the food and exercise rules.

“Partying” Only Led to Depression

“In high school and college, I began to turn to partying, over drinking, experimenting with drugs, and chasing boys. This only led to more pain and depression. I hit my breaking point when I was just 20 years old. For the first time, I finally cried out to God because I felt I had no other place to turn. I thank God for that!

It shortly after that prayer 5 years ago that Hannah was introduced to Weigh Down by Pat and Sharon Porter and Rob and Tiffani Day. She had just been been hired by the Day’s company. By following the principles of Weigh Down, Hannah lost over 30 pounds!

“Every Area of My Life Has Changed Since Weigh Down!”

Weigh Down Before & After Hannah Collins

She also laid down many other vices including self-focus, rebellion, over-drinking and just an overall ungodly lifestyle. Hannah says, “To tell you the truth, I cannot think of one single area that my life has not changed for the better by putting the Weigh Down principles into practice! My finances have been totally healed and get better every year.

“I was sick and tired of the pain I was in and the lack of peace. Seeing so may others lives change because of Weigh Down gave me so much hope and fuel that I could change myself.

“I’ve found a real and interactive relationship with God. As a result, I found my amazing husband. My marriage is totally fun and blessed, and I fall more in love with him everyday. I’ve finally found my purpose in life. Every morning, I wake up happy and hopeful. I’m just so grateful for every little thing.

No longer do I long for the things of this world. Through Weigh Down, I’ve found true freedom, a gift from God that is completely priceless! Hannah’s transformation is completely beautiful and an inspiration to so many young women.

Hannah Collins Tiffani Day Banjos

Hannah and her husband Spencer manage a restaurant and food truck. Even though she is surrounded by food all day, like their famous chicken and waffles, she is still able to maintain her weight loss following the principles of Weigh Down.

Weigh Down Gives You Tools for a Better Life

Spenser & Hannah Collins Remnant Fellowship

She gives all the praise to God for all of the blessings that He has given her. Her attitude and life drastically changed for the better because of the teachings of Weigh Down! “This program had all of the answers I had been searching for, which healed the pain. Not to say that there are not still hard times and struggles, but I now have the tools and resources to go through the storms peacefully.

“I am so grateful for the pain and misery I was in because it drove me to change, to finding God. It was all worth it. There is not enough praise I can give God for Weigh Down, Gwen Lara, Rob and Tiffani Day, The Porters and Remnant Fellowship church! I will spend the rest of my living days forever serving The One True God!”

The resources that Hannah recommends includes Weigh Down Advanced, Breakthrough Series and the Revolution Class.  I dug deeper and really changed my heart through these classes. She says staying in All Access was huge for her to constantly be listening to and reading Truth to stay focused.

Hannah Collins Remnant Fellowship

Watch Hannah share her story on The You Can Overcome Show along with a group of Remnant young adults who are completely devoted to God. See how their lives have been impacted because of the Remnant Fellowship Day Camp:


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