Volunteer of the Month for December 2011 – Karen Perera

Karen before and after

When we all participate in our various Assemblies, Special Events, and Concerts, it can be easy to forget how MUCH goes on “behind-the-scenes” to make these Events successful.  From the tech team to lighting and sound, from building maintenance to video and music preparation, we could go on and on about the number of Saints who freely volunteer their time to make GOD’S Gatherings run smoothly.  More specifically speaking, our Music Team is blessed with fantastic, Spirit-led direction from Gwen and Michael Shamblin, along with hours of selfless participation and rehearsals involving our Band, Choir, RCO, Bell Choir, and various other performers.  One common theme that affects all of these musical ensembles is REHEARSAL and PREPARATION.  It collectively takes HOURS of time in ADVANCE of our Gatherings to learn the huge variety of music that is presented for GOD’S glory and for the encouragement of the Saints.  As a Team, we could not accomplish this without a great level of assistance from December’s Volunteer of the Month – KAREN PERERA!  Karen works hand-in-hand with Michael Shamblin and Tish Dunn to get our music into “written” form on paper, using specialized music notation software.  She organizes written music for our Band and Choir rehearsals, making sure at EVERY ASSEMBLY that we have the correct music in its correct order…so that we can play and/or sing it without any delay.  Karen also goes out of her way to make sure that we have plenty of organized copies of our various songs available for the Choir when we rehearse.  Her diligence and ability to be “counted on” for these tasks are priceless qualities!

Karen and Tish Dunn

It takes a lot more than most people realize to pull off ANYTHING musically-related.  So much happens between the time that a song is written and the time that the Saints actually get to HEAR that song played.  Karen is a shining light and example of a Saint who not only is living out this Message (more than 170 pounds of excess weight GONE!) but also is giving her time freely and joyfully to help us make beautiful music to our GOD!  Every volunteer act performed by each Remnant member is appreciated more than words can express, and as Gwen has always taught, EVERY part of the Body of Christ is important and needed.  The Music Team is very thankful, as we ALL are, that this Church is full of Saints like Karen Perera, people who work long hours behind-the-scenes to make GOD’S Kingdom function beautifully and efficiently, so that our hearts and minds are free to praise GOD in song, word, and deed!  -by David Martin



  1. VVeeder says:

    Praising GOD for the gift of bringing Karen and all the sweet musicians He gifted with incredible talent to this fellowship!!! 🙂 We love her and we love this ministry that always points us up to the Heavens!

  2. Gkaunisto says:

    We love you Karen and the beautiful gifts God has blessed you with, especially your heart that loves God!

  3. gospelll@roadrunner.com says:

    Praising God for you Karen:) Thank you for that you do.

  4. LadyKatie31 says:

    Praise God for this sweet article !!! She is so humble, sweet, and so generous in all she does and I praise God for her! God is definitely recognizing someone who is doing everything in her power to follow out His will and doing it all for His glory. She has been the biggest light in my life and has such a heart for God. What an amazing gift she has given by helping me find this truth. And for that, I am eternally grateful. I love you Aunt Karen!! =)

  5. 4EverChanged4Him says:

    Karen! What a blessing you are to all the saints and the music team, for God’s glory and praise! Thank you so much for being dependable and available for God, for our leaders, the music team and all the saints! Thank you. Thank you. Singing His praises … love, Joey

  6. JaneneSteinman says:

    Karen. THANK YOU!

  7. phgunger says:

    Thank you for this article by David Martin. It is an inspirational read! Praise God for heaven on earth.

  8. isadora.laury says:

    Vow, I had no idea!! Thank you, Karen!!! Praising God for you!

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