If you get down sometimes, (about, it could be anything), something that Gwen has said before is count your blessings, like the song. So this is an attempt to count some blessings from a Remnant church-wide perspective…   hopefully it will lift some spirits…

1. If you’re reading this, you’re alive.

2. We just had an amazing Festival of Lights at church last night and learned some amazing truth about Hanukkah, Christmas, and the Maccabees.  Not just the sermon, but also the music was encouraging and afterwards we all mingled and caught up with Saints.

3. Everywhere you looked last night there were people that were beautiful both inside and out.

4. Didn’t have to get up this morning and go to a church that is totally un-exiting and spiritually dead.

5. Feel like we truly know the “reason” behind Christmas/Thanksgiving ect.. now it has real meaning.

6. There are Saints volunteering even as I write this who are over at the church building cheerfully cleaning up and decorating.

7. Visitors keep coming and the church is growing from all that’s going on… (btw, there were a good number of visitors at FOL last night).

8. We have an online TV show to look forward to each week- and one that is actually changing people’s lives.

9. There are Saints living in houses and apartments all over Brentwood and Nashville.  Especially near the church area.  It’s like a little Jerusalem which can be very fun.

10. In one of the worst economies our country has ever seen, we get to hear stories every week of our members getting raises, new jobs and promotions because of the attitude and respect for authority we have been taught to have.

11. We have hope for the future.  Also, it should be said, we have hope for the first time about our children’s future.

12. We have the assurance that if there are needs, counseling or repentance that needs to happen, we have the best group of leaders and counselors on the planet to help out.

13. There are many extremely talented and creative people in this church who come up with all kinds of great ideas, photos, videos, decorations, recipes, clothing, ect…  and share these good things with the rest of us.

14. We can trust other members to watch our children for a few hours and don’t have to fear that they’ll be corrupted or led astray.

15. We have more parties/events than any other church I know. It’s a good thing.

16. We have the most beautiful, meaningful and God-glorifying weddings anywhere.  And there are so many Remnant weddings that we barely know how to pull them all off.  In most places a wedding is rare occurrence, and it’s not based on the truth that we have.

17. We have TRUTH.

18. We get to go every week to a beautiful church building that’s filled with all sorts of amazing symbolism.  btw-serious photographers occasionally come by our property just to get photos of the church building 

19. Through God’s leading, Gwen Shamblin has brought back the celebration of Festivals and Holy Days – which are the highlights of our year.  It also needs to be said that these events and the teachings associated with them have made the calendar year make sense as well.  (for example- Halloween has become All Saints Day/ Passover, God intended to be beginning of year, springtime, new life, ect…)

20. We have a preacher and leader who works tirelessly and writes every week all while counseling and steering the direction of the entire movement- and who you will never see self-focused but is always willing to talk to anyone who needs it.

21. The children of Remnant are obviously blessed.  Visitors that come always remark about that.
22. We get to go to a church where it’s not uncommon that we get featured on cnn.com,  The Tyra Banks Show, Today Show, Prevention Magazine or some crazy thing like that… -point is, it’s an exiting place.

23. Life is no longer boring.  Boredom is the thing many people dread the most.

24. We’ve been taught that “getting out of yourself” and helping someone else out will make you happier – not focusing more on yourself and fulfilling your own wants.  The result… a large number of smiling and genuinely happy people.

25. Just look at the photos in this article.

26. We have the best and most blessed food and drink- as well as the best Food Committee.

27. Our church is full of God-given original music and musical talent.  (There are many place that don’t have original music every week.)

28. We have literally hundreds of websites, online resources and products available whenever someone need them.  Short list- Truthstream, Youtube channels, Online classes, Live Worship Webcasts, Facebook pages, Free weight-loss online (WD@H), Phone apps, Remnant Homepage, Bulletin Boards, ZionSpace, WDWB radio, Remnant News, You Can Overcome TV show, Music Mp3s and CDs, DVD’s, Men’s Night/Women’s Night, RFLife club, Remnant Guidance email, Weigh Down books, ect…

29. Remnant has always been on the cutting edge with technology (think webcasting back before it was popular or apps for your phone, ect.)

30. Needs of many, many members are met each and every week. Most of these stories go untold but there is constant help being given.

31. We go to a church that defends the powerless and helps widows and orphans as well as meets the needs of those in prison.

32. We don’t have to check the Rolodex to find a preacher, worship leader or youth minister… God has provided the gifts from within.

33. Though Saints are scattered all over the world, we get to worship at the same time on webcast…  with no need for 2nd or 3rd services.

34.  The church building property is located in one of the most beautiful and blessed places in the world –  Brentwood,TN.

35. We have a “Moving Committee” (made of volunteers), who help Saints whenever they move to town or change residences.

36. There are people that have left the message but are now coming back.

37. The whole Bible makes sense now.

38. We’ve learned a ton of church history so we know why we do things and celebrate certain things, and don’t just go through the motions.

39. God has given us an incredible variety of members with an equally amazing variety of gifts.

40. We don’t go to a church that’s bound by legalistic practices and man-made rules. (no dancing, no drinking, women can’t dress up, no movies, no instrumental music, ect..)

41. Everyone’s health is 100% better from a new life of obedience to God and stopping their overindulgences and harmful addictions. And also the fact that God allows healing in the physical body at all from a past life of sin.
42. We have shepherds and leaders that are looking out for our good, and not to harm us or use us.

43. We have the knowledge that we can repent, we can change.  We’re not doomed or destined to be stuck in a rut of sin forever.

44. We have hope for eternal life, with God, Jesus Christ, the heavenly host and all the Saints in Heaven.




  1. Wow! Amen times infinity!! Praise God and thank you so much!! :)))))))

  2. paulasmith says:

    Michael! Thank you! Amen, amen, amen!!!

  3. biblicalview says:

    Amen, to each & every blessing you have shared~ I am one who joined briefly 5 years ago, did NOT get it & left after just 3 months, but always watched from afar, studying, researching, comparing & examining everything BUT my own heart~Then GOD allowed the unthinkable to happen to me~Repentance & Reconciliation! He let me PROVE UNDENIABLY what TRUTh was and what it wasnt ~Glory to GOD forever for HIS mercy! Everything you have written is a GLORY to GOD and TRUER than TRUE! Who am I that I have this chance? All I want is to serve GOD, Love His people & share the word! This is the Kingdom of GOD & its the most beautiful place on earth!

  4. rhonnarick says:

    Praise God! Counting our blessings with you! Amen and Amen! Thank you for this article! PerfecT!

  5. RandallMartin says:

    Awesome we get to even read this. God is so sweet.

  6. ellis525 says:

    Thank you! Counting my blessings!

  7. Zionnana says:

    Frank and I are counting all the blessings God has given us this year. #1 We belong to a beautiful fellowship-Remnant Fellowship-that teaches us to stay Focus on God and Jesus His Son. Many friends that are brothers and sisters and lots of joy, what a perfect Christmas gift.

  8. VVeeder says:

    What a glory to God this article and this website are!!! PRAISE GOD For Remnant Fellowship, for the ideas that have come from our leaders that keep pouring truth out in such incredible ways!!! Thank you for doing this and the Overcome TV show!!! SO Blessed by it all!!

  9. ckirchner says:

    To quote one of our wonderful leaders, “We are the most blessed people on the face of the earth!”. Who are we to have been given this opportunity! God is so great!

  10. christylagerlund says:

    That was the most beautiful newspaper article in the world. Thank you for writing that!

  11. gospelll@roadrunner.com says:

    Thank you Michael! Praising God and His son Jesus Christ for all that we have been blessed with.

  12. 4EverChanged4Him says:

    With tears of joy and a big smile I am counting my blessings! I praise you and thank you God for all of the blessings listed above and the many more …. healthcare SaiNTs … I LOVE YOU!! Vern Ryles LOVES you. We are grateful to our leadership and membership of God’s beautiful, glorious and holy Church. Thank you. Thank you.

  13. isadora.laury says:

    We have a True Shepherd who is familiar with suffering and helps us embrace our own suffering rather than just patting us on the back and saying “all is well!”…and there is joy in the end, and life everlasting! Praise God!!

  14. MaryAnneFahlmanParsons says:

    Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! Amen, amen and amen! Beautiful, wonderful, stupendous. Our God is our EVERYTHING!

  15. CindyBarker says:

    I have personally experiences all of the blessings mentioned above and so many more. Thank you God for leading me to the Remnant Fellowship!

  16. CindyBarker says:

    I have personally experienced all of the blessings mentioned above and so many more. Thank you God for leading me to Remnant Fellowship!

  17. mormaza says:

    WOW! What an amazing list of blessings that I would have definitly MISSED OUT ON if I had not joined the Remnant Fellowship Church, left my sinful ways, and live a life fully devoted to God Almighty! Now my list of blessings grow each years :).

  18. mormaza says:

    WOW! What an amazing list of blessings that I would have definitly MISSED OUT ON if I had not joined the Remnant Fellowship Church, left my sinful ways, and live a life fully devoted to God Almighty! Now my list of blessings grow each year :).

  19. TJKubiak says:

    This is Incredible and every point is so very TRUE!!! In AWE of GOD and His LOVE and Mercy!!!!

  20. phgunger says:

    Thank you for giving us a great “Blessings List”! All of these “Blessings” are real to me and my family.Thank you for this article and another chance to thank God for giving me blessings beyond belief.

  21. janskonord says:

    Thank you for putting down in black and white what we get to live in this church every day, year in, year out. No hypocracy, no saying one thing and doing another, just nothing to make God look bad. It’s a place where God is First and man follows Him. @MaryAnneFahlmanParsons

  22. zionmountainmom says:

    Praise GOD that we have this beautiful church to worship our amazing and awesome GOD and His beautiful son, Jesus Christ! We are the most blessed people in the universe!

  23. zionmountainmom says:

    Praise GOD that we have this beautiful church to worship our amazing and awesome GOD and His beautiful son, Jesus Christ! We are the most blessed people in the universe!

  24. Gayle Mahnke says:

    So very, very thankful that God would choose to call out a remnant of people who love Him above all things and all other feelings. So thankful that the first Saints to answer His call in this age, the Shamblin’s and Hannah’s, live entirely for His Kingdom and so the love they have for the hopeless extended even to me. So thankful to be shown how to honor and adore God Almughty and Jesus Christ, our Lord. This life is wonderful (FULL of Wonder!!!).

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