Why not take a life-changing class with over 3,000 Weigh Downers through one of the most popular Social Networking sites in the world: Facebook!

Elizabeth Shamblin-Hannah

In this day and age, we are linking together in ways we never thought possible. Social networking surrounds all of our lives whether we are at work making meeting arrangements, or have a day off connecting with friends via Skype. There is no way that we could grasp the full concept of this technology without the God of the Universe leading and directing us all to find Him in every detail.

While following those leads and directions from God, Weigh Down Ministries has made available a first of its kind, live Weigh Down Basics course through their Weigh Down Facebook Group! This opportunity is available to anyone who is ready to “find yourself eating less, losing weight more quickly, and receiving daily encouragement from new friends – all while gaining a

Regina Smith

closer relationship with God,” as described on weighdown.com.With over 3,000 Weigh Down Facebook members so far, one can only estimate how many exciting testimonies will be shared on a weekly basis. This life-changing class will have 8 coordinators on live each week to help answer any questions or pray with class members from all across the world.

Lisa Peters

Candace Anger

Heading up those coordinators is Gwen Shamblin’s daughter, Elizabeth (Shamblin) Hannah. Alongside her will be several familiar voices from the Weigh Down offices: Jessica Walters, Regina Smith, Candace Anger, Jenni Mendl, Debbie Blair, and Lisa Peters. Not only will these lovely ladies be directing and encouraging, but the Weigh Down founder and constant encourager, Gwen Shamblin, will also be on live off and on throughout the class for an encouraging word!

Debbie Blair

Jenni Mendl

The class meets live on the Weigh Down Facebook page Sunday, January 29th at 3:30pm CST, class coordinators will be available to encourage and discuss the Chat Time “Topic” for that week.  Members will be able to post testimonies, encouragement, and reflect on each week’s video. There is nothing better than the feeling of total freedom from everything that has hindered you in the past. Whether your struggle has been with overweight, anger, or depression, a true and honest relationship with God is the answer.

Jessica Walters

To get involved with this Weigh Down Basics Facebook class and to become a friend of Weigh Down Ministries on Facebook look for us on Facebook.com/groups and also check out www.weighdown.com/Classes/FacebookClass.aspx.

To read testimonies or for more information about Weigh Down, click on www.weighdown.com or contact the Weigh Down Office at 800-844-5208 or Info@WeighDown.com. By: Shanna McHaney


  1. VVeeder says:

    Thank you for doing this! The Facebook outreach is so incredible. God is moving in new ways that will bring so many of His sheep back to Him fully! Just love this class and the chance to be in the pack with so many seekers yearning to get right before God alone!!! I love this fellowship, Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship!!!! Praying for all the technology and for every participant to this flagship FB class!

  2. jmw777 says:

    This is the most blessed opportunity for God. I have lost 198 pounds and have had it off for 8 years! The peace with God and a relationship with God changed my life and my whole family is surrounded with a city of Saints and a beautiful prophet of God who loves God and stands up for his Church and Saints and teaches our children as well!!!

    We are so blessed. Thank you Weigh Down Ministries. Thank you Remnant Fellowship Church, Thank you Gwen!!!

    love to all battle onwards!!!

  3. ron&jayne says:

    This is very awesome to see what God can use for good!!! Another historical 1st!! Praise God for his Love!

  4. Zionnana says:

    So amazed at such good news for a hurting world. Come join us for a class that will set you free not only from overweight but from other addicted life styles..

  5. jzcuriel says:

    Ya can’t wait!!!

  6. God_is_so_alluring! says:

    Amazed at God’s love and power! This is going to be an awesome class, making history for God 🙂

  7. HeatherHiggins says:

    So excited! See you all at 3:30!!

  8. NanLM says:

    @This is the most exciting thing ever:) God is doing amazing things thru these WD classes, they are life changing and NOW He is making them available thru Facebook so untold numbers of people can link arms together a march as one to His heart. There IS strength in numbers! Join in, get thin and GAIN a relationship with God that is better than you ever imagined possible:)

  9. I am in AWE of what GOD is doing throught this Facebook Basics class!! Precious hearts gathered from all around the world, including Ireland, Japan, Australia, Germany, the UK, Africa, Canada, South America, and all over the United States! 🙂 AMAZED!! Thank You, Father, for ALL You are doing!!! 🙂

  10. NanLM says:

    AMEN:)  Praise and Thank You God!

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