The Remnant Fellowship 40-Day Journey through the Holiday – GOD-Focused, Not Food-Focused

You Can Overcome - Gwen Shamblin

“This Holiday Season – when most people give it all up – we are going to do the opposite and tighten it up.  We are going to have the least food-focused Holidays ever!  And see how God comes back in and rewards!  Join with us today as we start the 40-day journey through the Holidays!  Post your ‘before’ Christmas picture on the Weigh Down Facebook group page and on Christmas we will post our ‘after’ pictures…Download the Spirit/Flesh calendar and post your comments and experiences on the Weigh Down Facebook group page for the next 40 days!  We are not going to wait until January 1st to get focused!  Let’s get started now and beat the January crowd.  These are going to be the best HOLY DAYS ever!  Love, Gwen.”

Remnant Fellowship TV - You Can Overcome
That letter from Gwen was shared with everyone on our Weigh Down Ministries e-mail list, and the group of those who are embracing this unique opportunity and challenge is growing rapidly!  Many of you probably approach the Winter Holiday Season with a combination of excitement and dread.  The excitement can be for a variety of reasons: Praising GOD for the birth and life of His Son Jesus Christ is of the utmost importance and the ultimate reason for joy.  And the child-like anticipation of gift-giving and gatherings and decorations are delightful indeed!  But many people also look at the next several weeks with a defeated, deflated, depressed outlook…already accepting the “fact” that they will gain anywhere from a few pounds to a LOT of excess weight during this time and will be subjected to all of the stress that comes with that.  OUR question to you (and yes, we will offer a solution as well!) is this: WHY is this weight gain a “foregone conclusion” to so many people?  [box size=”large” type=”info”]Watch Remnant Fellowship TV’s You Can Overcome
Year 2 – Episode 10 entitled, “Overcoming Bingeing on Sweets”!
[/box]Gwen Shamblin, Weigh Down Ministries, and the Remnant Fellowship Church propose to you, in unity, that not only should this NOT be a foregone conclusion, but in FACT, you can actually make the CHOICE to REVERSE that trend and…yes, we really mean this…LOSE EXCESS WEIGHT during this time of year!  How is this possible?  How…with all of the sweets – pecan pies, pumpkin pies, cobblers, cakes, cookies, parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas lunches and dinners, office gatherings, etc…how can you fully enjoy all that comes with this time of year AND do all of it WITHIN GOD’S BOUNDARIES?  Well…as you put these teachings into practice and learn to follow GOD’S Spirit minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, you find a freedom that unshackles you from the “chains” of food rules, diets, have-to exercise plans, and good foods vs. bad foods beliefs.  You truly learn that GOD doesn’t intend to “deny” you huge lists of foods; but rather, He intends for you to TASTE and see that He is GOOD!  And the variety of foods He has created are to be received with thanksgiving, not disdain or contempt or fear.  The KEY is in learning MODERATION.  Remnant Fellowship TVAnd that was part of the theme for this past week’s episode of the “You Can Overcome” show – “How to Eat Sweets.”  Gwen’s special guest was CARMEN SNIDER, and this dear Saint shared her own past struggles with overeating in general, and even more specifically, her old desire to binge out on sweets.  But here is the GOOD NEWS – Carmen has lost 70 pounds…PERMANENTLY…and she STILL enjoys sweets!  She simply has found GOD’S leading and boundaries and she LOVES them!  YES, Carmen learned that she can eat chocolate, sugar, pies, cakes, and any other kind of Thanksgiving and Christmas “goodies.”  And because this message has taught her to find hunger and fullness (no matter WHAT type of food it is…), there is no more burden to “check her list” for what to eat and what not to eat.  It is FREEDOM!!!  Learn more from this special, encouraging episode by watching the clip below.

Don’t let this holidays be depressing.  Don’t let food overtake you.  Make a choice…a decision…to embrace this 40-day journey with Gwen and so many others.  You will NOT regret it!  In fact, if you follow through with this to its end, you will look back on it and you won’t STOP at 40 days.  This will turn into a LIFESTYLE for you!  Eating ANY of GOD’S delicious foods…within your body’s boundaries that have been determined by GOD…will be a freeing feeling that you won’t want to walk away from.  Take this opportunity NOW, and let’s make the 2012 holidays the BEST ones you have EVER had!


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  1. wrightfamily says:

    I LOVE this article!!!!  It is so exciting to see what God is doing!!!!!!!!!!!  The YCO show with Carmen Snider was so freeing!!!  Thank you GOD!!!!  Thank you Weigh Down Ministries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My heart is leaping for JOY for all that we have been given to be able to overcome in this life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Praise you Jesus Christ for  your demonstration of true love for the Father!  Thank you Gwen for your demonstration of how to imitate Christ in the present age!!!!!!!!!!!!

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