Remnant Fellowship Employee of the Month – January 2013 – Candace Anger

Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you.  Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm.  Do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.”

Proverbs 4:25-27

 “If we know that we are to ‘fix our gaze’ and ‘not swerve to the right or the left,’ then we have a very clear directive! Spouses: fix your gaze on your spouse and on Christ and God. Children: fix your gaze on your parents and teachers and on Christ and God. Employees: fix your gaze on your employers and on Christ and God. Do all of us have no fear of rejection from God? Are you ready to stop being ashamed or embarrassed before God? Then FIX YOUR GAZE on Christ; follow His example of focusing only on advancing the Kingdom of God through living each moment for the Father with a pure heart and focused mind. You have your directive today…no swerving! Take only paths that are firm and keep your gaze fixed before you! – Words from Remnant Fellowship Church and Weigh Down Ministries founder Gwen Shamblin – “Fix Your Gaze Before You” –

Candace Anger - Remnant Fellowship Employee of the monthA huge AMEN to those words!  It is a DELIGHT to have the opportunity to be one of GOD’S employees!  As Gwen has detailed throughout her materials over the years, living for GOD and His will can actually be a SIMPLE concept to wrap your mind around when you envision Him as a kind and gentle CEO…and the kind of Boss who truly has every “employee’s” best interests in mind.  Our job is to follow the CEO’s lead and requests…and to be loyally devoted to Him with a whole heart and mind, which will result in actions that glorify Him.  Given this clear description of what it means to be a good employee, we are excited to announce that our “employee of the month” for January of 2013 is Mrs. CANDACE ANGER!  Congratulations to her and the Anger family (her husband Tedd…and children Alexa and Daniel), and we praise GOD for her and for the ongoing dedication that she displays to this Ministry, Church, and ultimately, to GOD’S Kingdom.

If you’re fairly new to this Message, you STILL likely have seen or heard from Candace as you’ve come to know about the many resources we have made available to you and to the rest of the world.  You Can Overcome with Gwen Shamblin and Candace AngerCandace regularly appears as a co-host on Gwen’s “You Can Overcome” show each Wednesday.  You also hear her voice on WDWB ( frequently…as well as on the phone if you’ve called our Outreach Center at some point in time.  For an even better idea about how much Candace is doing for this Ministry and Church, here’s a sampling of what Candace is involved with…


  • MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University) RF Life Club – Helps to organize outreach events, print advertising, and Marketing collegiate activities on Facebook.
  • Facebook – Coordinates Classes, organizes support teams for coordinators, posts encouragements and reaches out to participants, helps with marketing on Facebook (History of the ONE TRUE GOD, Weigh Down Basics, and Youth Classes…as well as webcasts and the “You Can Overcome” show), assists with posting pictures.
  • “You Can Overcome” show – Assists Gwen Shamblin with show production and in the marketing of the show.
  • Assisted with setting up the Weigh Down Ministries Youth Page on Facebook, helped set up a team to monitor the page daily, and helped organize coordinators for the Youth Class.
  • Communication Coordinators and Regional Reps – Is in weekly communication to help direct outreach activities and review reports coming in making sure participants around the world receive timely encouragement.
  • Communicates frequently with new members of the Remnant Fellowship Church and assists with the Membership process…both domestically and internationally.
  • Helps oversee International participants and members


  • The Weigh Down Website – Marketing (helps with store updates, product descriptions, editing content, and banners.
  • Helps to spread the word in an organized fashion regarding the “You Can Overcome” show.
  • Oversees e-mails sent out to our participants on a weekly basis.
  • Assists with the Weigh Down Twitter account and feed.

Anger Family - Remnant FellowshipOther Regular Duties Include…

  • Handles all media inquiries to Weigh Down and acts as Liaison between Weigh Down and the Media.
  • Serves as an Outreach Representative (you may even have spoken with Candace on the phone if you’ve called Weigh Down in the past).
  • Oversees the organization of Translations into other languages for Weigh Down materials.
  • Oversees the Remnant Fellowship Resource Room.

As you can see, Candace is a dedicated, loyal, focused employee…a wonderful representative of this Ministry and Church…and she is committed to helping Gwen and this Staff spread this GOOD NEWS!  Congratulations to Candace, and as you read this, you need to know (as you should already) that Gwen has set an incredible example for us as a Staff to follow.  Her tireless effort and commitment to GOD and to spreading His Word are unmatched by anyone we know.  This is a life-changing Ministry and Church, and we will not stop in our determination to see GOD’S will done…here and now…on Earth as it is being done in Heaven!


  1. JeanK777 says:

    Thank you so much Gwen, and Leadership for honoring those who honor God and giving us this beautiful article about Candace Anger, and what it looks like to be a great employee!!!!  I am incredibly appreciative to have such beautiful, Godly “benchmarks” in my life!!!  Candace you inspire me to be a better, more faithful  employee for God too!!!!  LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  2. ShirleyBarr says:

    Congratulations to my lovely sister Candace!!  I know how precious she and her family truly are!! I hope to hear more from you in 2013 even with this list of amazing duties you have, because I miss you all-often!  I love you and commend your accomplishments!! Praise God for Candace Felice Anger- my dear, dear sister, and my brother in law Tedd, and my niece and nephew….a God bound family with a vision they work on daily…Love you All, Shirley

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