Time to Meet Another Remnant Fellowship Family – Get to Know the Carusos!

Caruso Family - Remnant FellowshipLast week featured a lively kickoff to our “Meet the Remnant” segments here at Remnant News.  We spent time with the ZOGG family from Wisconsin and learned about their incredible life changes…as well as discovering more about their talents, interests, vocations, and the beautiful farm that they live on and care for.  In fact, we are CELEBRATING with them as their son Jess is engaged to be married to our own Ge’Cobi Pittman!  There are so many wonderful things happening in ALL of our Remnant Fellowship families, and today’s article features more dedicated Saints who webcast with us each and every time we assemble together.  Hailing from Strasburg, Virginia, let’s meet the CARUSO family – Lloyd, Lea, and Mikayla!

RN = Remnant News

CF = Caruso Family

RN – What was your very first exposure to Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship?

CF – We were stationed in North Carolina during our first exposure to WD in 2000; someone in the area was hosting a WD class.  When we left North Carolina to relocate to Northern Virginia in 2002, Lea found another lady who was hosting WD classes in the local area and she lost 25 pounds.  However, it wasn’t until Lea took the Change Series class in January 2006 that we learned about D.O. (Desert Oasis) and RF.  Lea was so excited!  She was losing the rest of her weight and could not wait to let Mikayla and I know what was taking place as a result of the class.  We eventually joined RF that year at D.O. 2006!!!

RN – Tell us about your first visit to the Church.  What was the event or occasion…and how did it change your life?

CF – We first visited RF at D.O. 2006.  We saw True Worshipers who worshiped God in Spirit and in Truth!  We saw evidence of Christ in the Fruit of the Saints; the children and youth were such examples of love and self-control!  We loved it and we wanted this!  We found “Home” and started to put this teaching into practice; we took baby steps in the right direction under the right captain on the right ship! We immediately noticed a change in the way we treated each other and others; kindness, patience, joy, and peace were becoming a part of everyday life.  As a result, we are still pressing onward to the center of God’s Will on a daily basis, hour-by-hour, minute by minute.  Even in testing, there is Peace because this Truth has taught us to focus up and get out of self!

RN – Share your/your family’s favorite Weigh Down/Remnant Fellowship seminar(s), audios, videos, lessons, songs, etc.  What are those RESOURCES that have hit your hearts in special ways?  Pick some stand-out favorites!

CF – Our favorite sermon as of recent is “All In”; so perfect for the Days of Awe and it has been so encouraging during times of testing and introspection.  We are so amazed at the clarity of Truth in all of the sermons from Gwen, but All In is like watching and hearing exactly what we all experience when we take steps towards the Heart of the Father and the determination that it takes to go all the way and die to our wills; it is at that point we see the True Power of our God in our lives.  Amazing!!!  Our favorite resource is Truthstream. What a tremendous portal to the Truth!  ALL of the teachings, daily devotionals, and teachings on the WD radio are listened to on a daily basis.  Our favorite classes and other teaching resources would have to be The Weigh Down Basics class, The Vision CDs, Breakthrough, History of The One True God, Treasure Series, and The Change Series are what we keep referring back to for Biblical interpretation and clarity as God’s Spirit leads. The music is all incredible and such a gift from God. We love the new releases from Michael.  The Golden Streets CD is perhaps our favorite, thus far.  Also, the Living Sacrifice CD…All of the songs on this CD by our gifted musicians are anointed and point us up to God.  We still listen to No More Control, You Amaze Me, Focus Up, Put Your Hands Up, and the Chronicles of Zion.  God leads us back to these songs and this music often for narrowing our focus on Him and His will.  Also, we wanted to add that the daily Tweets and texts are so timely and so appreciated; they arrive at the Perfect time, just when we need to hear Truth and get encouragement.  Our God’s Lead is Amazing!!!  Last, but certainly not least, the webcast technology and the tech team are our connection to hearing all of this amazing Truth from the Heavens.  Thank you all for what you do on a daily basis to help us all stay focused up on God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

RN – What were some ways that you felt GOD calling to you throughout your life?

Caruso Family - Remnant FellowshipCF – When we (Lloyd and Lea) met, it was as if God instantly created a match.  Our conversations were all about God and what He had done in our lives. Since then, we have shared growing together, raising a family, and watching God lead us every step of the way in our travels overseas and stateside.  God put us together for salvation.  Of course, we did not realize this fully until this Truth.  Since then, it has been an incredible journey.  Watching God change the very essence of our lives through Obedience has made all the difference as we continue to press toward the mark of giving God our All on a daily, consistent basis.  Also, the way God led us to this Truth is a Miracle.  It was almost as if we stumbled upon the Pearl of Great Price, selling it all to find the Kingdom of God.  If it wasn’t for Lea’s searching for “the answer” to weight loss, we would have missed this.  It is All about Him!

Also, God definitely started to show us that there was more to this relationship with Him than what we were being taught.  This process was taking place a couple of years in our hearts prior to us joining RF. We knew that we had to find a place that was not “Built with Hands,” a church led by God’s very heart — His Spirit!  We left the counterfeit system and then God open the door for us to join RF, the New Jerusalem, a City not build according to man’s ideas or wisdom, but our Father alone and His Perfect Son, Jesus Christ.  We are so very Grateful to Gwen Shamblin and her family and all the Saints who followed them on the incredible and historic journey to God’s heart.

RN – How do you feel that GOD has drawn out your gifts since joining the Remnant Fellowship?

CF – God has used this ministry to prompt us to coordinate classes and evangelize in Virginia so that others here can see this Light.  It is so incredible to watch others find this Truth.  After so many years of leading others to a counterfeit, it is amazing to see those who genuinely find this Truth and put it into practice…it is so rewarding.  God gives back all and then some!  As coordinators and evangelists, we strive and press on the High Calling that is in Christ Jesus so that our witness is a light to those wanting the same thing we all did in the beginning…Truth that bears good fruit.

It was through RF that Mikayla discovered that God called her to write songs.  She has always loved the music that pours out from this fellowship; the way Michael, David, and all of the musicians give Honor to God with this gift has inspirer her songs and music.  We pray that she continues to Honor Him with this beautiful gift!

RN – What is something that most people do not know about you and others in your family?

CF – We (Lloyd and Lea) were married in Hawaii, which is where we met; we have lived in Scotland and Northern Japan.  Mikayla was born in Northern Japan.  We have a daughter who lives in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas with her 13-year-old son, Elijah.  We hope to have them come to Nashville and visit RF; they would love it!

RN – What makes you HAPPY?

CF – Favor from God!!!  We asked Mikayla the same question as well this past Spring.  Her response was that Favor from God is what fills her with Joy!  Everything else is benefits and Blessings, but without His favor, it means nothing.

RN – What do you do for a living and how do you feel it draws you closer to GOD?  Think about the specific tests and opportunities that He allows you to go through to refine you.

CF – I (Lloyd) am a systems engineer, which is technically challenging and a blessing.  Lea and I are constantly praying for me to have wisdom in order to bring our God Glory and Honor.  I pray to be a selfless employee who genuinely cares about the success of my authorities and their business goals.

Lea has devoted her life by giving to our precious daughters, Melanie and Mikayla, and by homeschooling over the years, taking care of our home, cooking great meals, doing Bible devotionals in the mornings before school, and many other things of which would take me a while to compile.  Lea is a True helpmate.  I love you Lea!

RN – Tell us about your favorite Festival.  Why is it your favorite…and what are some wonderful memories you have in celebrating it?

CFFeast of Harvest is our favorite.  We love the introspection and getting our hearts right before God during this time; it is so fitting with the Fall season; cooler weather; the colors changing.  The Blessings that follow this introspection are plentiful and abundant like a harvest.  We recall many fond memories of gathering in the back of the RF church and the cookouts, the hayrides, and above all the fellowship with the Saints from far and wide!  These are priceless jewels that we will treasure for eternity.

RN – List a few of the BLESSINGS and positive CHANGES that your family has made since finding this message.

Lea Caruso - Before and After Weigh DownCF – Lea has lost 45 pounds and has kept it off for seven years.  We are all more loving towards each other and have a deeper love for the Saints.  We have laid down greed for more and impulsive shopping; definitely more led by God and praying constantly which was something we did not do before this Truth.  We are waiting for God’s lead before making purchases, decisions, and speaking.  We have learned that less is more and putting this Truth fully into practice has brought God’s Peace that surpasses all human and worldly understanding!  God’s ways are so Fun!  The test is waiting for His lead in all things!

RN – If you could share just a few words to any visitors/newcomers/curious onlookers about this Church/Ministry/message…knowing that this might be the ONLY time you would have the opportunity to communicate with them…what would you tell them?

CF – Yes!  You CAN stop sinning and you CAN overcome!  How?  Check out www.weighdown.com for details!  Your life will never be the same.  God’s Ways are Amazing!  We can’t say enough about this Fellowship, this Truth, this Prophet – Gwen Shamblin, and this Leadership!  This Truth has given us beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for morning, and the garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness!  We have been set free to serve our God!  Through all testing and trials comes more and more love and appreciation for our God!  Thank you Gwen, Leadership, and your families for re-establishing God’s boundaries once again for a time such as this!

THAT is an EXCITED and dedicated family!  We praise GOD for the Caruso family, and all of us in this Church can testify that there is nothing false in their testimony.  They are as JOYFUL and peaceful and happy as their words express!  We are going to keep the ball rolling with these “Meet the Remnant” segments, and we pray that you will continue checking this website to find out more about what’s going on around this amazing Church.  Please join us this coming Sabbath (Saturday) morning, August 31st at 9:00am Central Time for our Assembly…either locally in Brentwood, Tennessee or via worldwide webcast…and enjoy plenty of Truth and praises to GOD in song!

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