Praising GOD for our February 2014 Staff Member of the Month – Erin Moore!

If you were a “fly on the wall” in the life of Gwen Shamblin, the founder of Weigh Down Ministries and the Remnant Fellowship Church, the first thing you would notice as you followed her around during a typical day would be that she is the GENUINE ARTICLE.  She practices what she preaches and teaches.  Her passionate love for GOD and for those who are seeking GOD…along with her amazing level of selflessness…truly are a wonder to witness.  It has set an example for this generation and for the generations to come—for anyone who is a part of this Ministry and Church.  There is a tireless, relentless, single-minded focus on the WILL of GOD that is universally recognized by anyone who spends even a little bit of time around her.  Even the MEDIA that has interviewed and profiled Gwen over the years observes this and highlights it as a fact.  The great men and women of GOD throughout history have made such an impact as well…leading by example.  This wholehearted devotion…following in the beautiful footsteps of Jesus Christ…stands out to the world, and it has been the foundation for this Ministry and Church throughout the history of both.  That is quite a standard to set!

Now what you ALSO would notice during your time as a “fly on the wall” would be that there are specific Staff members in this place who are delightfully following in those footsteps as their job opportunities have them working closely with Gwen.  One such person has dedicated herself to emulating that example…and to helping Gwen get out her Spirit-led, inspired words to the world in multiple formats for many years now…and she is our February 2014 Staff Member of the Month.  Join with us in congratulating a dedicated, hard-working, committed-to-GOD Saint—Erin Moore!  Since hearing this message as a young college student nearly 15 years ago, Erin is a perfect example of someone who heard the message and RAN with it…without ever looking back…and GOD has blessed her and her marriage and family as a result of it.  Both Erin and her husband Colin came to this Church in its first year, and they have been committed to it ever since.  They were only the third couple to be united in marriage (December of 2002) since this Church was founded in 1999.  And they, along with their son Harrison, have been a foundational family throughout the earliest stages of this Church and its continued growth to this day.

Erin is blessed with an incredible ability to FOCUS on the tasks at hand, and she has been a valuable assistant to Gwen throughout her time here with this Ministry and Church.  People in this generation who are committed to the SMALL DETAILS are a RARE find!  But Erin excels at these things.  And she does all of this in a very quite, humble, unassuming way.  She isn’t looking for recognition or attention.  She just wants to see Gwen’s vision realized…the purpose and destination for these materials and these inspired words…GOD’S will to be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven.  With that as a backdrop, Erin’s skills with this Ministry and Church are put to tremendous and helpful use here as she is involved in these and MANY more tasks:

  • “THE TABLET” – GWEN’S JUST-FINISHED, BRAND NEW BOOK! – Gwen wanted everyone to know how instrumental that Erin has been in helping her finish this landmark new book.  Erin has been and continues to be a tireless worker, and she dedicated herself to assisting with every aspect of this project.  Gwen TRUSTS her, and Erin always proves to be equal to the tasks that she has the opportunity to take part in.  This book is life-changing, and Gwen wanted to thank Erin publicly for being such a big part of the Production Team that helped with it.
  • EDITING – Erin devotes herself to knowing Gwen’s words as Gwen writes and records them.  Erin proofreads these Heavenly teachings to make sure that they are in the best form possible for Gwen to deliver them to the world.
  • ARCHIVES and RESEARCH – Fellow Staff members have endearingly called Erin a “walking encyclopedia.”  She is very gifted at finding information for Gwen…and quickly!  GOD has given her a gift to be able to access those bits of research that help Gwen make her points clearly and concisely.
  • DICTATION and TRANSCRIPTION – Even if you’ve known Erin for a while, you may NOT know that Erin is highly trained in “transcription” and “scoping.”  She types at blazingly fast speed and is able to capture Gwen’s spoken words in written/typed/digital form like no one else.  This is an invaluable skill.
  • MONITORING our WEBSITES and SOCIAL MEDIA RESOURCES – You might expect someone with such “attention-to-detail” skills to be covered up quietly in books, never looking up.  But Erin actually is one of Gwen’s most valuable “discerning” minds.  She is very much up to speed on what is “trending” and how our Truth-filled websites and social media accounts can find their way through the billions of other internet-based resources that exist out there in the world.  It is important that the TRUTH it out there and EASY to find…the TRUTH about what Gwen teaches and the amazing, life-changing transformations that are happening here…and Erin helps to get that Truth out there and featured in a prominent way!
  • ASSEMBLIES and ASSISTANCE for GWEN – You may not “see” Erin in an up-front role during our public Assemblies, but she ALWAYS is there…nearby…assisting Gwen with whatever is needed and keeping her eyes wide open for anything “technical” that needs addressing during our Assemblies and Events.

This is just a brief summary of what Erin is involved in, and the list could go on and on, but you get the idea.  This is someone who is committed to getting the Truth out, and she is a hugely valuable member of this Staff.  Here are just a few comments from fellow Staff members about their honor in working alongside Erin:

  • Erin is totally committed to making sure Gwen’s words and thoughts are accurately conveyed in every form, whether it be in books, videos, marketing, etc.  She has no thought for her own time, and will do whatever it takes to complete the project at hand. – Ryan McCauley
  • What a blessing it has been to work with Erin Moore!  She is Kingdom-minded, focused, humble and Spirit-led.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to witness such a beautiful example of a Godly employee and for her dedication as Gwen’s assistant to get this truth out to a hurting and lost world! – Debbie Blair
  • Erin is such a beautiful example of thinking of the needs of others and working diligently as unto God with every task that she is involved in.  Her mind is always on Kingdom work and being sure that everything is done as best as it can be.  She is quick to share what she has learned from Gwen and encourages others with her example and mindfulness.  She works tirelessly and seamlessly on so many components of every aspect of Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship projects.  Truly, her hard work is a beautiful example of someone deserving honor as described in II Thessalonians 5:12 “…respect those who work hard among you…”  and someone who completely lives out Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men…” – Jill Snapp
  • Erin Moore is likely the youngest staff member yet without a doubt one of the oldest or most established spiritually.  If I have a question, she is going to lean on what Gwen has taught her; she is not going to lean on her own understanding.  There is a decision in her heart and mind to put Gwen and the other Authorities here first.  Erin’s daily focus is to promote Gwen’s stance on a project or task or goal and to see that to its completion.  I honor her and look to her for a daily example. – Jenni Mendl
  • The first word that comes to mind when I think of Erin Moore is stellar.  She is exemplifies a 100% Kingdom focus in her work ethic, loyalty, and selfless commitment to excellence in literally every task she takes on, whether big or seemingly small.  She is also gracious, reliable, and very patient, as I have been the grateful recipient of her assistance on many occasions.  Her dedication to God’s work raises the bar for us all. – Miley Barcus

It’s fun to give praise to GOD for Saints who set an exceptional example!  Gwen always has made a point to lift up those who demonstrate these Heavenly qualities.  After all, this truly is “all about GOD,” and when we thank Him for the gifts He has given to His people, it gives HIM all of the praise!  Congratulations to Erin, Colin, and Harrison, and we look forward to more Truth getting out as a result of Gwen’s diligent and determined drive to make GOD known to the world!

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  1. Zionnana says:

    A precious Saint indeed. Quiet, humble,hard working. Frank and I have been watching Erin help Gwen for 12 years. Such a precious gem from God. Truly following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

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