Thanking GOD for our March 2014 Staff Member of the Month – Amy Stites!

We all have learned here – through what Gwen has taught for years through Weigh Down Ministries and the Remnant Fellowship Church – that it should be our goal every day to “work as unto the Lord.”  Our boss and company’s overall needs and goals should take priority over our own comfort or personal desires.  We should be the kind of employees who are SO valuable, so humble, so respectful and respected, so “under the authorities” who have been placed over us, and so gracious in every word and deed…that our bosses would CRY if we ever left our jobs.  This kind of attitude at work has to be in our HEARTS.  It has to come from the INSIDE.  If it’s not vitally important to you to lift up those who have been placed OVER you, then you’ve missed a HUGE part of what the true Christian life is about.  Gwen has set an amazingly high standard in this generation for all who encounter this Ministry and Church.  If you’ve spent even five minutes observing Gwen at all, you will see that serving GOD and putting others before herself is her every-minute-of-every-day practice.  It is in her heart, words, and actions.  That is why GOD has lifted her and her voice up for the world to see and hear.  She is DOING the will of GOD…not just talking about it.  And thankfully, because of that example, this Church is full of people who DO have this in their hearts and ARE putting this into practice!  Therefore, lots of employers are getting incredible efforts and attitudes from our members.  And ultimately, that glorifies GOD!  That’s how Jesus lived every minute of his life, and we GET to follow in those footsteps.  With all of this in mind, we are honored to present to you an IDEAL example of this type of “under authority” attitude.  Our March 2014 Staff Member of the month is…AMY STITES!

Amy has devoted herself to following and walking in Gwen’s example and footsteps each and every day.  She and her husband Patrick, along with their children Wesley and Caroline, are an ideal example of a family who gives EVERYTHING at all times to further this Truth.  They have embraced this message from their earliest days of hearing it.  They have run with it and have never looked back!  From Staff commitments with Amy to Church activities for the whole family to time and resources and gifts, this family is “ALL IN” for this Ministry and Church.  For more than 17 years, Amy has been a part of this Staff and has served in countless roles over that time.  Attentive to detail, highly organized, committed to seeing EVERY important task completed in the most efficient way possible, Amy truly is an employee who is “valuable” in every sense of the word.  Gwen trusts Amy completely – spiritually, personally, and professionally.  Amy also is able to communicate Gwen’s leading and/or wishes in meetings and instances when Gwen is not able to be present.  This also takes an enormous amount of trust, as well as a clear understanding of the HEART of what needs to be shared at any given time.  You see, it isn’t just “words” that are important, but rather it is the INTENT and SPIRIT of those words that matters more than anything.  Amy excels at this, and that is one reason why she is a right-hand assistant and is in charge of many projects and Production-related assignments.  In fact, listing out ALL of Amy’s areas of gifting and influence and responsibility would be an article by itself!  But listed below is a partial detailing of how GOD is using Amy’s gifts in this Ministry and Church…just so you get an idea of how committed she is to putting GOD’S Kingdom work first…

  • RIGHT-HAND ASSISTANT for GWEN – As was mentioned earlier, Gwen trusts Amy completely, and that is shown each and every day as Amy provides support and assistance to Gwen in so many ways.  This is through both Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church.  Amy excels at this…and it shows.
  • PRODUCTION and PUBLISHING – With the implicit trust placed in Amy’s skills and communication, she serves as an overseer (on Gwen’s behalf) of our Production and Publishing Departments at Weigh Down.  So…if you’ve seen it on Video, heard it on Audio, or seen it in Print form, Amy had a hand in driving that project!
  • HUMAN RESOURCES and STAFFING – Amy is a great go-between for Gwen in sharing Gwen’s vision for how our Weigh Down Staff functions and communicates with each other.  It’s a great team, and Amy plays a huge part in keeping everyone focused on the priorities and tasks at hand that GOD leads Gwen to direct.
  • CHURCH ASSEMBLIES – Preparation for our Remnant Fellowship Assemblies…especially the big opportunity to assist Gwen with her live presentations…takes complete concentration, incredible focus, an ability to ignore distractions, and being totally “in the Spirit…in the moment.”  GOD can lead these presentations however He sees fit, and Gwen is perfectly receptive to His leading in every way.  As Amy assists Gwen with her notes and points to make, we all would agree (because these messages change our lives!) that there is a wonderful connection from GOD to Gwen, and Amy also is connected to that leading.
  • CHURCH BUILDING and GROUNDS – Both Amy and Joseph and Langsdon are like-minded in their overseeing of all of the projects that happen on a regular basis at the Remnant Fellowship Church property – which is located at 1230 Franklin Road in Brentwood, Tennessee.  Gwen has a beautiful vision for this amazing 40 acres, and Amy assists her in implementing it…in what has been 10 years (so far) of beauty and praise to GOD!
  • CALENDAR – If you’ve spent ANY amount of time around this Church, you know that we are BUSY doing GOD’S work, and there are more special events, meetings, gatherings, etc. than you could possibly imagine!  Amy helps Gwen coordinate these activities, and the entire Church benefits greatly from it.
  • DECORATIONS – Just as the Building and Grounds are beautifully adorned and kept looking wonderful from a maintenance standpoint, the property also is decorated gorgeously…and we in fact have been told on numerous occasions that everything looks like it has been PROFESSIONALLY done.  What is amazing about this is that this is done by our own Church members…volunteers!
  • EVENTS – Tying back into the Calendar, when this Church hosts a special event, we go all out…for GOD and to encourage everyone who attends!  This takes tremendous dedication, focus, and great attention to detail.  We all as Church members are grateful that we have so many opportunities to enjoy worship, fellowship, meals, and celebrations together…all for GOD’S glory!
  • WEDDINGS – If you’ve been to…or even seen clips online…any of our Remnant Fellowship Weddings, you’ll know within five minutes of watching that you’ve not seen anything like these before.  Each one is very unique, but each one has in common the fact that it is a taste and glimpse of Heaven.  From the messages to the vows, from decoration to attire, from music to reception, these are impeccably planned and carried out.  GOD gives Gwen and the Wedding team a powerful leading and vision for the theme, and the Groom and Bride and their families joyfully help plan and implement what is a memorable event for everyone.  Amy helps to direct several aspects of these plans and the fruit of that guidance is evident to all.

As you can see, that list sets a great example for all of us…and believe it or not, this is just a PARTIAL LIST!  What can each of us do with our own time to serve the Kingdom more?  Amy would be the first person to tell you that GOD gives her every minute BACK and that every task is unbelievably rewarding.  She also would tell you that she is simply following in Gwen’s footsteps of “making Jerusalem your highest joy”…and look at how joyful and peaceful and happy and fulfilled and blessed Gwen is!  That example raises the bar and we all are thankful for it.  But don’t just take our word for it – let’s see what some of Amy’s closest co-workers have to say about her and her commitment to this Ministry and Church…

    • Amy is the go-to person when it comes to things going on around the office and Church and with the Calendar.  She is loyal and close to Gwen.  Amy always maintains her composure.  She is a cool customer, keeps a level head, and is able to make good decisions because of that.  She also is very trustworthy.  She directs a lot of teams and is involved in so many things. – Kent Smith


    • Amy is the definition of humble, devoted and focused!  Her life is a living a sacrifice to God and to the Church.  She is an example of what being under authority looks like and she has truly raised the bar for all in laying down your life for those over you.  There is no question where her allegiance lies – To God and the furthering of His Kingdom! – Tedd Anger


    • It is my honor to prayerfully write words that would reflect the value of what Amy Stites stands for and contributes to the Kingdom of God here at Weigh Down.  Amy once shared that it was her goal to get in as close as possible to Gwen Shamblin and her family in order to learn and adopt for her own this love and devotion to God that God so rightly deserves.  Amy has had the perseverance through heavy, untold testing to achieve her goal of a deep faith and love in God that drives her day in and day out.  The gifts of service that come out of her as a result of her choice to love God with her All are awesome.  Everyone benefits from Amy’s choice to forsake all else and love and serve God and His Church.  It has been a Harvard-level internship-type opportunity to study and apply what I see Amy give to this Church.  I praise God for a chance to say, “Thank you” Amy Stites for sharing your life with us!! – Jenni Mendl


    • It is such a delight to get to work with Amy!  Her example of having wisdom, mercy, joy, and compassion is such an encouragement.  It does not matter what is going on around her, Amy is so peaceful and approachable.  I love to get to talk to her about whatever test or situation is going on. She lives out so well what she has learned from working so closely with Gwen! – Jill Snapp


    • I have had the privilege of working alongside and under Amy for many years now.  You could not ask for a more loyal employee to this Ministry.  I constantly strive to follow her example of looking to the needs of the one above her.  Her focus from the moment she gets up to the time she goes to bed is on serving the Kingdom of God under the leading of Gwen Shamblin.  I know from experience that every direction she gives or decision she makes is prayerfully done and totally Spirit-led.  She does an amazing job of “keeping a lot of balls in the air.”  She is involved in so many different aspects of the Remnant Fellowship Church.  And specifically for the production team at Weigh Down, she keeps us all focused and is driven to get this Truth out to those that need it.  It is obvious that she believes wholeheartedly in this message and literally gives her life to it! – Joseph Langsdon


    • Amy has such a gift of even temperament.  She does an exceptional job of keeping multiple projects moving forward and keeping the main thing the main thing!  She also has an amazing gift of organization and she always puts the needs of others before her own.  In addition, Amy does such a stellar job of communicating what needs to get done in production and seeing it through to completion! – B.B. Barcus


    • I am thrilled to write a few words about our dear co-worker Amy Stites!  She is amazing – the amount of work that she gets completed.  She often catches dropped action points and gets them back up in the forefront.  She breathes life into lots of projects that are at a standstill and the most important attribute that I can stress about her is that she is SO UNDER AUTHORITY!  I love working with her and seeing how quick and absolute she is to carry through on a text, phone call, or directive for an authority.  It has been a wonderful, uplifting example to me and I praise God for her.  She also is a selfless, delightful friend!  We all praise God for her, her family, and her love for God and those above her!! – Candace Anger


  • Amy is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  Her endless energy and passion for the Kingdom of God is a lifestyle example I will hold in high esteem for the rest of my life, and the opportunity to work under her was and is one of my most treasured blessings!  Working in Production and on the Tech Team alongside Amy I have seen her at all hours of the day, early until late, and her attitude is always the exact same: 100 percent positive, 100 percent engaged, and 100 percent wanting God’s Will to be done and looking for His lead in everything, down to the last detail. Everything (and all the little things) matter(s)…because it’s all for God!!  She always has the big picture in mind, but she is simultaneously aware of and sensitive to the needs of those around her. She might be helping direct a critical spot in filming/editing for a seminar, but then also always the first to ask who needs dinner or a Sonic drink, or a change in the room temperature.  Amy is a True Saint, a True Christ Follower, and an absolutely beautiful example of the blessed life that results in putting God’s House first.  She would say she has just imitated those above her, and I would say she therefore has also become someone worthy of imitation. I want to be just like Amy Stites when I grow up. – Laura Homonnay

It is an honor to give praise to GOD for Saints who “set the bar high” for others!  Gwen always has made a point to recognize those who demonstrate these GODLY qualities.  After all, our lives belong to GOD.  He made us and deserves our wholehearted love, devotion, and commitment…and when we thank Him for the gifts He has given to His people, it gives HIM all of the praise!  Congratulations to Amy, Patrick, Wesley, and Caroline, and we look forward to more getting done, more of this message getting out, and for others to follow in these footsteps as a result of Gwen’s diligent and determined drive to make the real, genuine ONE TRUE GOD and His son Jesus Christ known all around the world!


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