Giving Praise to GOD for our May of 2014 Staff Member of the Month – Greg MacPherson

MacPherson Family

VOLUNTEER – “A Person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking; a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.”

MacPherson FamilyThat definition from, by itself, doesn’t even begin to do justice in describing our May of 2014 Staff Member of the Month – GREG MACPHERSON.  However, it is a starting point that offers just a little bit of insight into the heart and mind of one of this Ministry and Church’s most selfless Saints.  Greg MacPherson and his beautiful and growing family have been a part of this Church for more than 10 years, and from the moment that GOD called them to this message while living in Washington State…near Seattle…they have embodied the picture of loving and giving humility.  As a very successful family business owner in their area, Greg easily could have done what just about everyone else in the world would have done: stay put, run the business, and do his best to get his family to as many Church events and Festivals as he could.  But that’s NOT what Greg did.  Greg made the necessary arrangements with his extended family members for him to MOVE to Nashville, Tennessee.  He WANTED and NEEDED for his family to be around as many Saints as possible…as often as possible.  He knew that THIS was the WISER “long-term investment.”  He put his focus and emphasis on the spiritual instead of the material, and GOD has rewarded him, his wife Cherri, and their still-growing family (grandchildren!) with more love and joy and peace than money could ever buy!

Greg MacPherson - Speaking

But Greg didn’t JUST move his family thousands of miles across the United States – from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast.  You see – Greg has gone “all in” with his time and energy and efforts – and he is using his acumen as a business owner, and even more specifically his experience in running a warehouse, and now volunteers in assisting Jenni Mendl with our shipping and distribution efforts at Weigh Down Ministries.  Greg’s organizational skills, calm demeanor, wonderful personality, and tremendous work ethic are invaluable to Gwen and the Staff at Weigh Down.  But again, it doesn’t stop there.  Greg ALSO is one of our key leaders in the Remnant Fellowship Prison Ministry – an effort launched by Gwen several years ago.  Greg is highly respected by both the Prison Staff and the Inmates within the Prison systems where our classes are held.  He is upheld and known to be a righteous, selfless man with a heart for those Inmates who are learning to give their lives completely to GOD…regardless of their current circumstances.  This Ministry effort requires a lot of time, travel, patience, and organization – and Greg fits the bill for every aspect of that!  And beyond Distribution and the Prison Ministry, Greg also is involved in many projects…many of which are unseen in the public eye…that help keep the Ministry and Church facilities running smoothly.  It truly is FUN to honor those who are GIVING of themselves for GOD’S glory and the growth of His Kingdom.  Gwen always has been very quick to uphold those who display extraordinary selflessness…and who LOVE every minute of it!  This is Greg MacPherson, and it is a delight to share just SOME of what has made him the May of 2014 Staff Member of the Month.  But keep reading…because a few Saints who work closely with Greg also have words to share about his impact in this Church and Ministry…

  • Thank you for the chance to publicly share how Greg offers his God-given gifts to the Church.  There are many times that I should have been up on stage at Church to share that God is using Greg MacPherson to push forward the kingdom of God in a bold and gentle way.  Greg has expertise in the field of distribution and he unselfishly lends his work experience and love for distribution of goods to Weigh Down.  I am so thankful that God allowed for us all to get to meet Greg and witness his love for God and God’s church.  I get to witness Greg’s love for each man and woman that are involved in the prison ministry – those that are either incarcerated or those that carry out the tasks of the ministry on this side of the prison walls.  I pray God preserves his life and love and blesses his every waking day so that we all can work together to finish God’s wishes. – Jenni Mendl
  • Greg quietly and humbly serves the saints and this ministry more than anyone would ever realize. He easily puts full-time hours, or more, into volunteering.  I am very fortunate to have him work alongside me on many miscellaneous projects each week.  He is extremely faithful and an amazingly hard worker.  I could not do half the things I do without him!  He is certainly deserving of much honor and respect!  I also count him as one of my dearest friends. – Joseph Langsdon
  • Greg is a barometer of consistency.  He has never complained in all the years I have known him. His selflessness is VERY convicting.  The sacrifice and attention he displays for the kingdom is worthy of this award.  I am honored to know him and his family.  His love and devotion to God is evident and has impacted the darkest of many physical prisons.  His dedication to traveling every month for the prison ministry is definitely noticed by God in my opinion.  I know that because Gwen was led to choose him to be the Rock of the prison ministry, I feel like God will tell her “well done my good and faithful servant.”  We are truly blessed to have this saint live among us…Praise God for Mr. Greg! – Durville Patton
  • Working with Greg in the prison ministry has been a real joy.  He is very easy to work with because he is such a humble, conscientious, and loving man who is patient, listens carefully, and does not interrupt.  He always gives excellent advice.  He always accepts Gwen’s guidance and passes it on to us. – Vernon Eikenberry
  • I have had the honor of serving with Greg in the prison ministry for almost five years now.  I have seen first-hand his beautiful level of commitment as he travels hours each week to be a part of services in several different prisons in Georgia.  He is making a huge difference in the lives of these men as he shares the message that has changed all of our lives. – Linda Hardin
  • Greg has a wonderful servant’s heart, which I have seen many times in prison ministry.  Not only does he travel to Georgia each week for services; but he is also instrumental in getting our precious, life-changing resources into the hands of the men and women in the prisons.  As we receive letters from the inmates, they often contain requests for materials.  Many times I have been at Weigh Down scanning the letters and have seen Greg in the back, serving alongside Jenni Mendl in the shipping area.  He is helping to get these valuable materials into the hands of these inmates as quickly as possible.  His selfless service in these two areas plays a vital role in the transformation of the lives of the seekers in the prisons. – Jodi Hertz
  • Greg and Cherri MacPhersonGreg is so deserving of Staff Member of the Month!  I can say that he has been tireless, both in conducting classes and in supervising the prison ministry; but what stands out the most to me is his calm, relaxed ability to follow the leading of the Spirit of God.  I have said before that I want to be more like him!  He is a wonderful example to all of us in many ways, and I am honored to work with him! – Phyllis Eikenberry

Greg has set a high standard for all of us.  He certainly is following in Gwen’s footsteps of giving volunteer service to whatever GOD asks for, whenever He asks for it…with a joyful attitude!  We praise GOD for this attitude and servant’s heart, and it is an honor to congratulate Greg on this recognition.  We praise GOD for Greg and for his wife Cherri…along with their daughters Denise, Leda and her husband Todd Kubiak – with children Judah and Eloise, and Bethany and her husband Jonathan Hagans – with daughter Jubilee. GOD truly does GIVE BACK to those who put Him first.  We love the MacPherson family!

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