Anticipating Pentecost…Our Youth Love God’s Holy Festivals!

Incredibly, while the world’s youth are lining up summer vacation days dreaming of¬†all the trips they want to take…to¬†looking forward to wasting time just¬†indulging themselves, these Remnant youth are excited about God’s holy festivals. ¬†Check out words from one of our youth, Andrew Fischer, who has spent almost all of his life in this Chuch. ¬†But trust us…he speaks for all of them.


Andrew Fischer, pictured 3rd from the left, with his six brothers and sisters at Pentecost 2015.

More highly anticipated than any movie, sports game or other notable event is Pentecost 2016 at Remnant Fellowship Church! On Wednesday, May 4, 2016 the Remnant Fellowship¬†congregation around the world¬†got the opportunity to Skype with Gwen Shamblin. She was at that point,¬†in Florida on a planning retreat with some of the other Church leadership. She shared with the entire Church a vision that she has regarding not only Pentecost, but also the future for the Remnant Fellowship Church around the world. In a word, revolutionary … but more accurately, a REVIVAL based on¬†what happened to the early Christians in the days following Jesus’ life on earth!

Mrs. Gwen started off by charging the Church to strive for complete purity leading into Pentecost. More prayer was the main point of how to get closer to God. Not only did she suggest more prayer, but also a more reverent way of praying as well. She charged us to emulate the prayers of other religions who pray on their knees multiple times a day. In the fast-paced world in which we live, it may seem to require more effort to physically stop and pray. However, at Remnant Fellowship Church we are taught that reverence to our God is well worth it in our life. When God allows the opportunity, it is a beautiful display of reverence to get down and take the time to pray.


Every year at Pentecost, the Remnant honors God with a time of Baby Dedications, presenting all the babies that have been born in the previous year unto the Heavenly Father. We are so blessed with how God continues to grow our Church from within!

To back-track for a bit, you may be asking yourself what Pentecost is. For a complete explanation of the Biblical history of this holy festival, click here to read more about Pentecost. Remnant Fellowship has generously provided the perfect representation and definition of Pentecost. To me, PURITY is the resounding single-word definition that rings through the hearts of all who have the opportunity to witness this Festival. ¬†Traditionally, we all wear light colors of white, ecru and khaki that symbolically represents having pure hearts before God. This purity starts at the top, and it trickles down through every single age-group in the church. Remnant takes the opportunity for Baby Dedications, ¬†Youth Confirmation of¬†13-year-olds, and the honoring of Graduates. These are all pivotal points in a Youth’s life. It is beautiful to see parents commit to raising their children in the purity at Remnant Fellowship. At 13, children get the opportunity to commit to personal responsibility for their relationship with God. At graduation, the young adults get to bring their relationship with God into their adult life. Getting to go through these all-important check points are absolutely critical in solidifying every young person’s relationship with God.

Remnant Fellowship Pentecost Worship

We always have much worship and adoration for God at Pentecost, celebrating and honoring God’s covenant!

Lastly, another staple event that takes place at Pentecost are baptisms. This event is where all age groups come together to express a devotion to living for God. By symbolically leaving your old self in the water, you shed whatever is keeping you from a whole-hearted relationship with God and rise up to walk in wholehearted devotion to God, following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.


Every year, baptisms are a highlight of Pentecost and always very moving to witness.

During the Skype call from Florida, Mrs. Gwen went on to discuss the unity that we should be striving for as a church. This applied to Pentecost preparation and for the future generations. There is a bit of background story to this unity that makes it that much more exciting. Over the past year, Elizabeth Hannah, Mrs. Gwen’s daughter, has been striving to galvanize the Remnant Youth in any way that she can. Getting to see this blossom has been nothing but an absolute blessing. Every youth, even those living out of town, has been given the opportunity to get involved and ¬†connected. The response has been outstanding. The Youth Involvement¬†has been huge and this past Wednesday Mrs. Gwen extended the initiative to the entire Church. How exciting! One can’t help but think about the long-lasting effects that this will have. Now that EVERYONE has the opportunity¬†to get involved, the unity that is already there has the capability to multiply exponentially! For all generations, present and future, this is wonderful news.


In short, reverence and unity¬†were the takeaways from the Skype call. To be reverent before our God is the least we can do to show Him our adoration. Slowing down, though oftentimes it may seem¬†impossible, is well worth it for anyone’s relationship with God. Unity among the Saints is beautiful and powerful. With brothers and sisters in Christ banding together to further the Kingdom of God, the progress made physically and spiritually will be outstanding. Our work on this world will grow lighter, but our spiritual work in each of our hearts will grow purer as we begin growing deep, love-filled relationships with out brothers and sisters in Christ. These two characteristics, when fully realized as the message of wholehearted devotion to God is put into practice, will lead to an explosion of interest and an expansion of God’s Kingdom. We get to be a part of a Church that revitalizes what took place in the Church of Acts. God has given us incredible resources to accomplish this, so the possibilities are endless!

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