Remnant Fellowship Right-sided My Life

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Watch this quick video and meet Michael Ormaza, member of Remnant Fellowship Church, and a completely changed man for the better by what he learned and put into practice through the teachings of Remnant. Michael struggled with emptiness early in life and ran to food for comfort which resulted in being the “chubby kid” and¬†always being made fun of. As a youth¬†he turned to¬†indulging in over drinking, drug abuse and squandered his money which resulted in getting¬†deep into debt.

BEFORE: Michael Ormaza, as a youth, overweight, depressed and searching for answers.

BEFORE: Michael Ormaza as a youth.

Ultimately Michael struggled to find real purpose in life and looked for anything to fill the emptiness that plagued him…all while attending churches and professing to be a Christian. He longed for the “born again” life as described in the Bible. Although he lived a life no different than his many of his non-Christian friends, ¬†his church leaders tried to comfort him, telling him that he was still in good standing with God if he simply “believed” that Jesus Christ had died for his sins.

Driven to find answers, healing and purpose¬†led him down a long list of religious experimentation, including eastern religions, Catholicism, metaphysics, astrology and a lineup of Protestant churches. Finally in 2004, a co-worker, Michelle Elam, told Michael how her life was completely changing for the better from what she was learning at the church she had just become a part of…Remnant Fellowship. Intrigued by this, Michael insisted she tell him about what she had found.


AFTER: Michael & Michelle Ormaza. Michael lost 40lbs, overcame a drug and alcohol abuse, paid off 40K in debt and now is happily married!

Fast forward…Michael too began listening to the teachings of Remnant Fellowship Church, founded in 1999 by Gwen Shamblin and seven others, and started putting them into practice‚ÄĒlearning how to go to God instead of any vice on Earth. He began to experience answered prayers for the first time in his life and his connection to God was becoming more and more real. Everything began to get ‚Äúright-sided”after years of heartache.

Once depressed, he now experienced profound joy, he dropped 40 pounds of excess weight as a result of turning away from greed for food, he successfully gave up overdrinking and drug abuse…and even was able to pay off 40,000 dollars of debt!


Michael & Michelle Ormaza were married in Remnant Fellowship Church in 2009.

In 2009, Michael married Michelle and they now reside in Brentwood, Tennessee with their two beautiful boys Caleb and Jacob.  He is a Business Development Manager at Dell Technologies and gives all credit to God for the incredible life turnaround.

“I never could have imagined the life I now have. There is so much peace and joy! The blessings abound and this is all a 100 percent direct result from what I’ve learned at Remnant Fellowship Church…and has changed the course of my family history. I praise God for Gwen Shamblin and for giving her the ability to present the clear message of Christianity¬†and what the born again life should look like.” -Michael Ormaza


Michael & Michelle Ormaza, with their two sons, Caleb & Jacob.

God blessed them with a beautiful home not far from Remnant Fellowship Church and Michael now actively serves in many capacities in the church community including helping with the Spanish-speaking Ministry.

Are you looking for answers too? Please come and visit Remnant Fellowship locally in Brentwood, TN or visit us via webcast. Currently, we webcast our services to over 150 locations around the world. God is doing a mighty revival and restoration of His Church…healed marriages, restored health from God-led weight loss, families who are close knit, teenagers who love being under the guidance of their parents and conversations that center around the beautiful answered prayers of the day!

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