Testimony of the week: Marc Dunn

Marc Dunn - 70 Pound Weight Loss

Marc Dunn - 70 Pounds Down

Marc Dunn is a new man with a new heart. The Dunn family was introduced to the principles of Weighdown in 1996, when Marc’s wife, Tish, began taking the Exodus out of Egypt class. After completing the class, Tish lost 35 pounds of physical weight and her heart and mindset had completely changed for the better. However, it was not until a Desert Oasis Tour in 2000 that things clicked for Marc.

When reflecting on the changes in his life, Marc explained, “In 2000, Tish and I were blessed to attend Desert Oasis 2000 (WeighDown’s Summer Convention at that time), listen to Gwen speak live, and meet a number of new people who wanted nothing more than to humbly honor God with every breath and heartbeat.”

After the seminar Marc decided to participate in a Weigh Down Advanced class and over the course of that program and the next few months, Marc lost 70 pounds!

Marc continued to share, “I lost a thousand pounds of sin and idolatry, watched my marriage and family grow more beautiful every day, and found an inexpressible joy for every moment God provides in which we can glorify Him.”

There is no doubt that Marc is a transformed man and his humble life can now be an example for us all!

Dunn Family


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