Remnant Fellowship - Eldon Gormsen

“I actually persecuted this message, persecuted the Church, persecuted Gwen…God is very merciful.” Watch this very moving and short video —In this emotional and heartfelt testimony, a one time antagonist of Remnant Fellowship Church and Gwen ShamblinEldon Gormsen, now a member of the Church as well as one of Remnant’s beloved Church leaders, describes how putting the clear Biblical teachings of Remnant Fellowship into practice completely and beautifully transformed every aspect of his life for the better—

“The words that Gwen Shamblin has been given by God have changed my life totally.”-Eldon Gormsen

A once overweight, short-fused and impatient man, he and his wife Sara now have a peaceful and joyful marriage and a close relationship with their six children…a direct result from what he learned and put into practice from Remnant Fellowship. Through Remnant’s faith-based weight loss ministry, Weigh Down, the two lost significant weight and have kept it off for years. Eldon, now on staff with Remnant and Sara, a nurse at St. Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville,  live in Brentwood, TN not far from the church property. Parents to six gorgeous children, Eldon and Sara credit what they have learned at Remnant for their beautifully close and loving family— which recently expanded with the recent addition of their first grandchild!

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