Remnant Fellowship Testimony of the Week: Garrett Stewart

Weigh Down Before and After Garrett Stewart

“In one year, I’ve gone from no purpose in life, to an unstoppable passion to please our God and further His Kingdom!”

Before hearing about Weigh Down in 2016, Garrett Stewart says, “I was overweight, severely depressed, and saw no hope in my life.” It was through his childhood friendship eight years ago with Colton Maginnis and his family that he found the church. Both boys grew up near Austin, Texas as homeschool families. Garrett and Colton became the best of friends.

Weigh Down Before & After Garrett Stewart“Within minutes of visiting Remnant Fellowship Church, I could tell that this is where God wanted my heart. The love was otherworldly, but entirely genuine. No other place on the planet has a body of like-minded people, all running for the ultimate prize: glorifying God and furthering His kingdom! I knew that if I wanted any hope of growing closer to God and bettering myself for His kingdom, that Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down ministries was the way to go.”

You can see Garrett’s video testimony (at the top) along with Brittany Baril’s on the You Can Overcome Show discussing “How to Overcome Depression and Find True Joy!” The resource material that helped Garrett referred in the show is Only God Must Reign – available on All Access or on the Weigh Down Store on DVD.

An Incredible 100 lbs. Down!

When Garrett moved here almost exactly one year ago, he started to dig into the Weigh Down materials, and immediately he was hooked. The changes were instant. He explains, “Not only was the weight falling off, I was regaining a joy for life that was entirely lost before. God was revealing a brand new life of LOVE and JOY that made serving him FUN! No other place on the planet encouraged me to stop pitying myself, it was all about me being the victim!” Garrett has lost an incredible 100 pounds by following the principles of Weigh Down.

He says, “Weigh Down Ministries made me realize that I was NOT a victim, and that what I was doing was wrong, and completely disrespecting God! It was through following the teaching of Weigh Down that God allowed me to lose 100 lbs, along with self focus, depression, and countless other sins, all for His glory! I will NEVER go back to my old life, I only want to continue down this path to make myself more like His son Jesus Christ, and further God’s Kingdom of Love!”

Last fall Garrett had the opportunity to serve as groomsman for the wedding of his best friend Colton Maginnis & Abigail Langsdon. We are so very proud of Garrett and his commitment to God. Meet more Remnant Youth going ALL IN for God.

Garrett Stewart Maginnis Langsdon Remnant Wedding

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