Remnant Fellowship Testimony of the Week: Nick Enns

Nick Enns - Remnant Fellowship Testimony

Finding Weigh Down and The Remnant in Canada

Nick & Jessica Enns Remnant FellowshipLiving just one hour north of  the US border, Nick and his wife Jessica live outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They are 3-1/2 hours north of Fargo, ND, but Nick’s life as a typical hockey-loving Canadian was forever changed when his wife found Weigh Down in 2014.

Jessica Enns had lost an amazing 120 pounds in just 18 months by putting the Weigh Down teachings into practice. At first Nick thought it was just a weight loss program. He says, “Even though I was almost 300 pounds, I did not think it was for me.

Trying to Fill an Empty Heart

“Prior to Weigh Down I was living out Ephesians 4:18-19, as I was living a life completely separated from God with a continual lust for more things of this earth. I was overeating, drinking my life away and binge watching sports and TV, anything to get some sort of feeling to fill the emptiness in my heart.”

They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, and they are full of greed.” – Ephesians 4:18-19

Nick’s evenings were spent sitting on the couch watching hockey or TV, while tracking hockey stats on his laptop. He would also spend hours browsing Facebook and other social media on his phone, while consuming excessive amounts of food and alcohol.

As a result of this lifestyle he was on a powerful heartburn prescription for over 10 years. At just 32 years of age, his doctor wanted to put him on medicine to manage his high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Weigh Down Offered Hope for a Completely New Life

Weigh Down Before & After Nick EnnsNick lost 14 pounds just watching the Weigh Down Basics class videos with Jessica and “trying out” this new way of eating. After just two weeks of following the basic principles of eating only when hungry and stopping when full, he was completely off his heartburn prescription. His blood pressure and cholesterol are now both completely in the normal range without medication.

“But when I decided to give God my all he took off another 72 pounds in less than a year bringing my total weight loss to 86 pounds! Through putting into practice all the teachings of Mrs. Gwen Shamblin, Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship, I have found a beautiful relationship with God and am now filled with so much love and joy you cannot wipe the smile off my face!”

Nick & Jessica Enns Remnant FellowshipNick exclaims, “I have been set free from the pull to overeat, over drink, over anything! There is no bite of food, drink or any other form of entertainment on this earth that can give me what I now have and it is only here that I have taught how to find it! The Exodus from Strongholds class was probably my most successful class losing about 40 pounds in 12 weeks.”

A Godly Marriage and Godly Children

His marriage to Jessica has never been better. In addition to their son Ryker, God recently added a little girl Azalea to their family. They are so grateful to learn how to have obedient children and teaching them to have a beautiful relationship with God. Gwen’s The Tablet and History of the Love of God were life-changing books.

“I have gained more patience by laying down anger and control. I now waiting on God’s perfect timing for everything. All praises go to God because I am not special. Anyone can do this if you deny yourself and your own desires, stay 100% obedient to God and give him your ALL every minute of every day!

Never Going Back

Nick Enns Todd Kubiak Voices Remnant FellowshipNick keeps his focus by staying on All Access. Some of his favorite lessons include Staying in the Light series, Talks that Move Your Heart, Stop Sinning Today, Using Your Power vs. God’s Power, Purposeful Responsibility, Breakthrough Moments, The Meaning of Life (Ecclesiastes), Picture of a Whole Hearted Saint and The Purpose of Suffering.

“I Praise God for showing me the contrast of the curses and death that come from living in sin and all the blessing and life that come from complete obedience! And as Mr. David Martin wrote I am never going back!”

Both Nick and Jessica webcast from Canada every Sabbath and Wednesday night service and regularly encourage the other Canadian Saints and all those on the Facebook group. They also visit plan visits to festivals and events like the recent Voices viewsical. See Nick’s radio interview with Gwen. You can watch Nick and Beth Smiley who were recent guests on the You Can Overcome Show “How to Lose Weight with Hunger and Fullness” while still eating their favorite foods including pizza!

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