Remnant Fellowship Testimony of the Week: Josh Zinzilieta

Weigh Down Before & After Josh Zinzilieta

Weigh Down Before & After Josh Zinzilieta
Learning to Wait for the Growl Changed Everything 

Christine Zinzilieta found Weigh Down for the first time back in 1999. In 2008, she returned to Weigh Down when her son, Josh, was in the 7th grade. At that time, Josh did not have any weight to lose since he was always a very active child. He played baseball and basketball, so weight was never an issue for him. Josh says, “But when I quit playing baseball, I continued to eat the way that I always had. With no physical activity, I gained weight very quickly because my body didn’t need all of that food.”

Josh Z Weigh Down BeforeJosh said he really couldn’t see how much weight he had gained. “I was blind to this transformation and it wasn’t until my Freshman year of college that I had my eyes opened. I was on vacation with Rob and Tiffani Day when I looked in the mirror one night and it just hit me. I was 225 pounds, prideful, and full of anti-authority and greed. I was lusting after things I shouldn’t have been, and searching for the praise of man in all things.”

Josh shared this with a few of his friends and some of the adults on that trip. That is when Josh started putting into practice what he had been shown many years before. “For basically the first time ever, I started listening to my body, waiting for the growl and not eating otherwise. Whenever I felt like eating, but wasn’t truly hungry, I would go to God and pray or read my Bible – just like we have been taught to do.”

A Mother’s Love to Help Her Son Find Truth

Weigh Down Before & After Josh ZinzilietaJosh and his mom started a Strongholds class and signed up for  All Access. He says that having access to truth all the time was huge for his success. In just 4 shorts months, from January 2014 to April 2014, Josh lost 65 pounds by following the basic principles of Weigh Down.

“From there, I started working on getting more under authority and turning my focus off of what I wanted and onto what God wanted. Slowly, all of the vices that I had hidden away in my heart for so long started to disappear. I laid down lust and greed for food, and my relationship with my parents was restored. At one time, these relationships seemed beyond repair because of the way I had treated them.

Honoring His Parents & Blessings of Being Under Authority

When I say ‘I’, what I really mean is with the help of God, I was able to do these things! Without God, I would have been stuck going down a path that led to destruction. I know I am young, but I have spent my whole life in public schools and in work places where everyone seems lost. They turn to drugs, alcohol, lust, food – everything just to feel alive.

“The only real way to feel alive is to find a true relationship with God and live your life following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. We are taught how to do that at Remnant Fellowship Church and I am forever grateful for a place that teaches me the truth and has helped me do a 180 degree turn with my life. Praise God for truth!”

Josh Zinzilieta Family

A Home Turned Right Side Up

Josh Zinzilieta graduationThe Zinzilieta’s moved to Tennessee from Salem, Illinois (just west of St. Louis) during the summer of 2011. Josh’s parents, Mark and Christine, have witnessed an incredible transformation in their family, right-siding a previously upside-down household.  Christine says, “Josh has gone from out of control to full of peace since putting into practice the truth taught through Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship. He has gone from looking for approval from others to seeking approval from God.

“It started with his decision to look inward and change. He chose to be ALL IN and continues to invite conviction and correction daily so that he can grow closer to God. Our family is forever grateful to this ministry.”

Now Josh’s life is full of JOY, PEACE and HOPE!

All Access Will Keep You Focused Up!

Josh encourages all the youth to stay on All Access and listen to talks about suffering which leads to humility and being under authority. The Strongholds and Breakthrough classes along with Weigh Down Basics were instrumental in his transformation. “All Access it is a must-have. I’m always making sure that I’m listening to something that is going to point me up. Even the music from church is super important because it helps keep you focused on God!”

Brentwood Royals Baseball

We praise God for Josh’s changed life and his leadership with the RF Next Youth Group. This past weekend, Josh graduated from MTSU with a degree in Elementary Education, and is excited to begin teaching children. He recently became involved in forming the Brentwood Royals baseball team with Frank Reeves and Garrett Smith along with a team full of Remnant young men. So if you love baseball, you will love watching these Godly young men play. Here is a link to their Facebook page and schedule: Brentwood Royals Baseball

 You can watch Josh and his beautiful mom Christine in this episode of You Can Overcome – “Essential Authority”:

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