SCHEDULE for the Remnant Fellowship 2017 Pentecost Weekend

This coming weekend, Remnant Fellowship Church will celebrate Pentecost, one of God’s Holy Festivals as described in Leviticus 23.  To read  a comprehensive explanation of how Remnant Fellowship Church celebrates Pentecost, click here.

“This is a day ordained by God for rejoicing.  We are 50 days past the crucifixion and the Passover and the incredible Exodus of two million of God’s people by the light of the full moon.  God then takes the children of God to the foothills of Mt. Sinai, also known as Mt. Horeb to the Egyptians, and Moses climbs this Mountain—the tallest in the area—to be in the presence of God, to receive the laws of God.  The finger of God carved the stone tablets as the words to the Covenant—a binding agreement between Israel and God.  Also on this day, God poured out His Spirit on the righteous men and launched the church – and 3,000 were baptized on that day.” – Gwen Shamblin



Schedule for Pentecost Weekend

Wednesday, May 24th

6:00pm CST 

Assembly & “You Can Overcome” Show

Friday, May 26th DAYTIME

11:30am CST

Lunch & Shopping at the Weigh Down building. Stop by for some sweet fellowship!

Friday, May 26th EVENING 

6:00pm CST

Baptisms at Ashlawn.

 Shuttle service from church to begin at 5:30pm. Please note: Due to space, this event is for those being baptized and their family members. However, everyone is invited to witness this beautiful occasion via LIVESTREAM.  Watch here.

Saturday, May 27th

5:00pm CST

Sabbath Pentecost Assembly followed by a potluck dinner!

As a church, we celebrate purity, symbolically represented by church members dressing in WHITE and light colors (e.g. khaki & ecru) for our worship assemblies. Dressing in white symbolizes a commitment to be pure before God, loving Him above all else with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength.

This weekend, there will also be an opportunity for members to be baptized, as an outward symbol of inward commitment to wholehearted devotion to God.



Please watch your tweets for any updates and links to Livestream videos that may take place over the weekend! To read a full explanation of the history and meaning of Pentecost, read this article from 2013 on Remnant Fellowship News.

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